Personal Training Ipswich MA: Client Spotlight

Angela Armendariz is from Ipswich MA and utilizes in home as well as online personal training with Gina.

Angela Armendariz is our client of the month for May 2022! Angela reached out to me back in October wanting what a lot of people want who hire a trainer. She was interested in weight loss, building strength and endurance, improving flexibility, and staying motivated to do the work it takes of achieve all of those things. Angela also brought up some chronic pain issued that she hoped could be addressed via the workout. I know then that Angela would be a great fit for my hybrid model where we combine corrective exercise with traditional strength and cardio training. This allows Angela to gain fitness all while addressing the balance in the body’s structure, with the goal of increasing physical and mental performance and improving pain symptoms over time.

personal training ipswich ma

Let's Hear Directly From Angela Now.

“I became interested in working out about 10 years ago. One of my best friends recommended her trainer to me and I decided to go for it. I enjoyed working out in the gym for several years. Before Home Bodies I went to a local gym for women called Get in Shape.

The main difference with Gina and Home Bodies is her attention to my basic physiology and the chronic problems I’ve ‘just lived with’ throughout the years. When I was looking for a trainer this time, I reviewed trainers and programs that combined in person at home and online. Home Bodies was actually the first result in the search I did! Gina’s attention to my specific body needs and challenges is what is different about Home Bodies. When I am in town, I alternate one online session with one in person session. Otherwise, online is how we get it done!

It's Important to Keep Goals at the Forefront to Continue Forward Progress

My goal is still to decrease the chronic pain I have in certain parts of my body. The main change is my own increased understanding of the sources of that pain. I am appreciating understanding why I am in pain and also appreciating that I no longer need as much in the way of traditional physical therapy to make progress with my goals.

The program Gina has created, and this is also the main reason I like it, is that she has curated at program that addresses the fundamental muscles and structures in my body that have contributed to my ongoing issues. She has focused on the ‘root causes’ and I really like that approach. I like that the sessions vary periodically. New exercises are introduced regularly. The other main item I like is Gina’s response to issues that emerge during training. For instance, if I can’t do a certain exercise because of a basic limitation with my body, Gina adjusts it, and the result is a better designed exercise for my personal needs. 

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What's Different Now That Angela is a Home Bodies Client

I’ve noticed a lot so far since I began working with Gina last October. My sleep has improved. I’ve become more aware of my breathing, and I’ve been able to use some of the new breathing techniques in other areas in my daily life. I would say to anyone thinking of using a trainer - Go for it! Unless you are trained in physiology, kinetics, etc., you’re always going to learn something about how to live a better life.

I live in Ipswich and grow up in Texas. I am a corporate librarian. My main hobbies are reading, watching movies, and being outdoors.”

Dedicated Clients Like Angela Are a Personal Trainer's Dream!

When I watch Angela work out, I can see her focusing on what she is doing and feeling. She asks a lot of questions and provides me with valuable feedback. This allows me to do my job of helping her feel, look and perform better that much easier. Personal training really should be a two-way street rather than just a trainer barking out orders. In addition, Angela shares with me the ways the workouts have helped her which makes me always look forward to working with her, because everyone likes to feel that they are making a difference in someone’s life! Thanks, Angela, for being such a great client!

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