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Kim Alger was too. She hired us, and now she is Home Bodies Client of the Month!

In need of a personal trainer in Hingham MA? Home Bodies offers home visits to Hingham MA. Let's meet Kim Alger, our latest client of the month!

Kim Alger was never a "gym person." Besides jogging outside at times, she did not get much exercise over the years. She has been working with Bill Coleman of Home Bodies following a home workout routine since August 2006. She decided to try Home Bodies because she noticed that it seemed harder to lose weight as you get older, and she wanted help losing those last 10 or 15 pounds. She hoped to lose the last bit of weight and keep it off by beginning a home workout program.

Kim performs a circuit training program at home. She enjoys the challenge of circuit training and the variety of exercises her trainer Bill Coleman includes. She enjoys the fact that she looks better and feels better than she did before. Kim notices that she has better body tone, she has improved strength, improved aerobic capacity, and has more confidence in general. She loves the fact that her trainer is accessible. They maintain frequent contact through e-mail, and Bill meets with her weekly. He sets her up with a weekly workout schedule and he continually increases the challenge, something that would be much harder to do without a trainer pushing and encouraging. Through Bill, Kim has learned how to exercise properly, why she is doing particular exercises at certain times, and the nutritional aspects of training. Kim has also made use of the "Home Bodies textbook" Mind Over Fatter. Kim continues to strive to make improvements in spite of frequent business travel and stress at work.

Kim’s trainer is very proud of his client’s progress. "Kim is a hard worker," says Bill. “I really challenge her. I like to set up 8- or 10-week programs with progressions of increasing difficulty. She always rises to the challenge. I have given her difficult exercises that not all clients would be able to handle. She has a very high-stress job and she travels a lot. She has always been able to follow the training program fairly closely even with her stressful job. I give her a weekly plan with a travel workout if she can’t get to a gym or have access to weights. Her travel workouts have bodyweight exercises she can perform right in her hotel room if necessary. It’s not always easy for Kim because she has to go out to eat a lot due to her job, and she can’t always prepare meals and work out as regularly because she does not have the luxury of being home all week. Even with flying across country on a regular basis and being a single mom, her determination to stick to the program is inspiring. She does better than many people who don’t have such a demanding schedule. Strength-wise and body-composition wise she has improved greatly in the nine months we’ve been training together." 

Bill continues, "Because I have challenged her, her self confidence in her ability to complete a program is greatly increased. She has been able to do things she didn’t expect to be able to do. I have her perform circuit training where she does six consecutive exercises back to back. She never would have realized she was capable of this back when we started!" 

Kim Alger has a 14-year old son Wade and a 21-year-old daughter Christina, and a cat named Maddie. She lives in Hingham MA, and her favorite hobby is traveling for pleasure, instead of for work for a change!

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