Benefits of Seeing a Nutritionist

The benefits of seeing a nutritionist are life changing! By seeing a nutritionist, you can be sure to maximize the benefits you can get from following a diet or workout plan. Imagine being able to leave fad dieting in your rearview mirror once and for all! What a freeing feeling!

benefits of seeing a nutritionistGina Paulhus is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutritionist.

Benefits of Seeing a Nutritionist - The More You Know

The main benefits of seeing a nutritionist are to:

  • Be sure you aren't developing nutrient deficiencies, especially if you are "dieting"
  • Be sure your supplement game is on point and appropriate for your needs
  • Be sure you're eating the best you can to support your fitness goals
  • Assist in recovery from exercise
  • Provide an edge in sports 
  • Better focus at work
  • Optimize your body's hormonal levels at all stages of life
  • Support good sleep
  • Ensure a healthy sex drive
  • Help with managing chronic health conditions
  • Help with injury recovery or recovery from surgery
  • No longer be tempted by the latest fad or craze that could easily leave you fatter and sicker than ever before

You can schedule a Free 15-Minute Consultation Call to help decide if the benefits of seeing a nutritionist are worth it to you! It can be done over the phone or via Video Call. Schedule yours now.

How a Nutritionist Can Help with Weight Loss

benefits of using a nutritionist

Did you know that weight loss, for most people, is 80% food and only 20% activity? On top of that it's super common for folks to achieve early success with a weight loss program but then begin to stall out. By working with a nutritionist, you're sure to bust through any plateaus that crop up with ease. There is no need to continue to lower your calories more and more just to lose weight! That is a game that never ends well. Read my story about overcoming an eating disorder. There is a better way.

A nutritionist can also help guide you if you have certain food restrictions such as allergies to certain foods. A nutritionist can ensure that you aren't missing out on valuable nutrients and help recommend foods and supplements if needed. If you follow plans that cut out large types of food such as gluten-free, paleo or plant-based, a nutritionist's guidance will be invaluable to you. To give you an example, I have helped many a client who have cut out dairy in the attempt to eat healthier, only to find that their body was deficient in calcium - in some cases, resulting in osteoporosis. How scary! You want to be sure that you are giving your body all the building blocks it needs to stay healthy.

Cost of Our Services and How to Sign Up.

Our Nutrition Consultations with Personalized Plan is $199. A certified nutritionist will meet with you over phone, Zoom or Facetime and you will receive a personalized plan emailed over to you after that visit. Follow-up sessions are $99 each. We also offer check-in accountability plan add-ons. We can explain those rates to you during the call, as they depend on the frequency of check-ins that are best for you. The check-ins are free for current Personal Training clients as an extra bonus.

Our Nutrition Consultations with Personalized Plan Includes:

  • The 45 minute audio, Zoom or Facetime Call (your preference)
  • An  assessment of your 3-day food journal we will ask you to keep
  • A list of recommended nutrition adjustments based on your goals
  • An order of Priority on which changes will be most impactful
  • Supplement recommendations
  • At least 30 sample meals and snacks to choose from that adhere to the plan
  • Links to recommended products that appear on your Plan
  • Special rates on accountability coaching check-ins

If you would prefer to schedule a Free 15-Minute Phone or Video call to meet me and further discuss your nutrition goals before scheduling a consultation, you can sign up here.

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We Believe in the Benefits of Seeing a Nutritionist So Much, We Guarantee It!

If you are not 100% satisfied with the service and advice you receive during your Nutrition Consult, you will be entitled to a complete refund. We stand by the quality of our service! Simply contact us if this is the case to let us know. We are confident in the benefits of seeing a nutritionist and want to be sure you are just as confident booking a Consultation with us.

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