In Home Personal Trainer Haverhill: Client Spotlight

Nathan Darvish was pleased to find the Home Bodies service available to come work with him in his apartment gym as he works to regain his mobility

If you are suffering from health conditions and would like an in home personal trainer in Haverhill MA, give Home Bodies a call! Nathan is sure glad he did. 

Nathan has been diagnosed with Chronic Heart Failure (CHF), Chronic Kidney Disease and diabetes type II. Right now the CHF is the main thing holding him back. Nathan is obese and is working on reducing his weight with a combination of more movement and healthier eating with portion control.

Nathan Darvish

Nathan Works on Regaining Things That Most of Us Take For Granted

Nathan went through cardiac rehab and finished it around 2 years ago. He has never used a personal trainer, although he did go to the gym on his own in the past. Given his current situation, a family member did some research for him and was pleased with what she found online. She gave Nathan the contact info for Home Bodies and Nathan gave Gina a call. They were able to set up a first session back in May, and the have continued meeting twice a week since then.

“This service was more personalized than I thought it would be,” said Nathan. “Gina understood my particular situation more than a random trainer at the gym would likely be able to.”

When Nathan began working with Gina his goals were to be able to walk for an extended period at a leisurely pace and be strong enough that he didn’t need to stop and take breaks. Once he is at that point, he wants to be able to go on a cruise or to Disney World and walk around without worry. 

Personal Training is Important For Those Battling Health Conditions

Nathan has appreciated the accountability he has with seeing a trainer twice per week. He’s also enjoyed the personal exchanges as he, Gina and his husband David talk abut all sorts of things while working out, which helps keep Nathan’s mind off his discomfort. Working out with CHF is highly uncomfortable, but Nathan has been a trooper about it.

Nathan’s program consists of walking with just his cane (as opposed to his walker which he used to rely on more), hand weights, cable machines, kettlebells and playing catch to work on his balance. Nathan was lifting 20 lb. on the cable machine and performing his strength training seated when he started working out.

Now he can lift 50 lb. and does a lot of his strength training standing up. Nathan notices that he can walk farther than before, that he has better balance, and that his limbs are stronger. 

If you have been thinking about getting a trainer but haven’t done it yet, here is what Nathan has to say:

“Take the first step, it gets easier from there.”

Nathan grew up in Worcester MA and lives in Haverhill MA presently. He has worked as a Home Health Care Nurse in the past. He would like to work as a Telemedicine Case Manager once he's able to resume working. He love computer games - dungeons and dragons is his favorite. He also loves dogs, reading, and watching documentaries. A favorite recent read is Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch. 

What Nathan Wants Everyone to Know

I want everyone to know that my husband David has come to every session and supported me. He’s been an amazing support for me!

Let Home Bodies Help You Regain Your Health

in home personal trainer Haverhill

If you'd like to see the various Programs Home Bodies offers check our Our Programs. You can also request a Price Quote or schedule a Free 15 Minute Discovery Call. Gina Paulhus offers sessions in person in areas within 30 minutes of Haverhill MA as well as video call sessions worldwide.

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