If You Don't Like to Exercise...You Must Read This Article! Zoom Personal Training Success Story

Dave Bochichio is our Home Bodies Zoom Personal Training Client of the Month for August 2022.

Plus, hear from Ashley to find out what your very first Zoom appointment will be like!

Dave Bochichio utlizes Zoom Personal Training. He is Home Bodies client of the month for August 2022! I interviewed Dave about his thoughts regarding the fitness program I have set him up with. You can see Dave's responses below!

personal training ipswich maDave isn't one who naturally loves to work out, so hiring a personal trainer was a very smart move on his part!

What were your first experiences in sports, fitness or enjoying physical activity? When did you become interested in “working out? Why?

I actually struggle to be physically active as throughout growing up, I was very much consumed by video games, writing, and coding. These are all sedentary activities and as I got older, I began to have weight issues. I got interested in working out when I got on the scale one morning and realized I was 62 pounds overweight (at 6’3’’ that’s obese by quite a bit). I had struggled to lose weight by dieting alone and told myself that now I would have to get involved in physical fitness as well as eating better. I used to be pretty lean and I would love to have that body back for confidence and health reasons.

What types of things did you do to stay in shape before Home Bodies? How consistent were you?

I have been very sedentary for years. Before I hired Home Bodies, it was difficult to walk briskly more than a few tenths of a mile. This was because I hurt my back in my early 30s and it became difficult to exercise regularly doing what I enjoyed the most, which was martial arts.

Have you used other trainers in the past?

I’ve had two trainers in the past. The first trainer was at a gym and I felt like he was more of a workout buddy than a trainer. I only lasted about a month. The second trainer was around COVID and we stopped due to pandemic worries and eventually I moved away from the gym. She was a great trainer and I gained a lot of strength and stamina over the three months that I trained with her.

Dave Bochichio before picturePhoto from January 1, 2022
Dave Bochichio after picturePhoto from July 21, 2022

Zoom Personal Training Workouts Can't Be Beat for Convenience

What led you to choose Home Bodies for online personal training?

Getting to a gym is difficult, and I live near one, so I needed an at-home solution with someone who could understand my specific needs. Home Bodies popped up on a Google search for an at-home/virtual trainer and after a few email exchanges, I decided to see how a workout would go with Gina.

Was working with a Home Bodies trainer what you expected? If so, what did you expect from a trainer? If not, what was different about us? 

Working with Gina is great. One of the toughest parts for me with working out is that I don’t always enjoy it. With Gina, she provides good conversation and motivation while I’m working out, which completely distracts me from any negative thoughts I’m having about the actual working out. This makes workout sessions much easier and causes me to want to keep it up. Gina checks in with me 1-2 times a week, which no trainer in the past has done. I also provide her with progress details weekly from my smart scale app and it’s nice to receive positive feedback on the good days and helpful advice on days where I feel like I’ve lost progress.

What do you like about your actual zoom personal training sessions? About your trainer in particular?

As said above, I like having conversations while I’m working out as it distracts me from any discomfort or negative thoughts I’m having. I also like learning about fitness and health which Gina talks about as I’m exercising (I’m a knowledge-nut so learning new things is always a plus!)

What good results have you noticed with following our program?

Once I adjusted to eating better and exercising frequently, I lost approximately 8 pounds (262 to 254) in 8 weeks - and this is with being able to eat relatively what I want with smaller portions. Due to medical reasons, I can’t cut calories any further, so it really does come down to exercise to help push the weight loss any more. Just as important as the weight loss, my body fat percentage has dropped a whole percent, hips and waist are down an inch, thighs are down a little over an inch, and I have so much more energy. Before, I struggled to walk briskly for a few tenths of a mile and now I can briskly walk just over a mile without any issues - and I workout less than recommended (which, of course I’m working on!)

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Words of Wisdom from a Successful Zoom Personal Training Client

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone who is thinking about using a trainer but hasn’t made the commitment yet?

Find a trainer who understands your individual needs. A trainer can provide a fitness plan that adapts to you, and they can be a good accountability partner if you struggle to stay consistent. The one thing I’ve found in common with all of my trainers is that they are good motivators to keep you from quitting, which then helps you reach your fitness goals.

Where do/have you lived?

I live in Gilford, New Hampshire, grew up in Putnam County, New York. I’ve lived in a few locations in upstate NY and a few places in NH as well.

What do you do for a living?

I am the Founder of Clean Cut Finance, a personal finance blog that promotes financial education, focusing on helping millennials navigate their money lives. 

About Dave Bochichio

Dave is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF®) and is passionate about spreading financial literacy. He founded Clean Cut Finance in 2021 and has been featured on websites like MoneyGeeks, GoBankingRates, and Yahoo! Finance. In his spare time, Dave enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, racing simulation, and reading.





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