Personal Training Northborough MA: Client Spotlight

Personal training in Northborough, MA: Meet Tom Thompson, our most Home Bodies client of the month

"The whole routine of shlepping gym clothes back and forth and working out in public doesn’t appeal to me..."

If you're looking for in-home personal training in Northborough MA, allow Home Bodies to help you just as we helped Tom! Let's hear from him now about his experience working with us.

Tom Thompson's results from his in home personal training in northborough maTom reversed his diabetes in a jiffy with our home-based workout program!

"I’ve never been an athlete. I had played sports just for fun with friends when I was a kid. As an adult, my idea of exercise was going for a walk or hiking for fun or the view. I had only focused on my eating habits whenever I was trying to lose weight.

Many years back I joined Weight Watchers, and learned more about nutrition and my personal eating issues. I used a treadmill but rarely pushed myself. I lost weight, but still, I resisted seriously addressing exercise, and my weight loss was limited. When I stopped Weight Watchers, I regained about a third of what I’d lost. I bought an elliptical machine but only used it sporadically.

A few years ago my doctor suggested that I hire a personal trainer to learn how to exercise properly. While I was considering this, but not taking action, I met a wonderful lady who happened to be a nurse…very much into health. Independently, she also suggested a personal trainer, and added that some trainers will even come to your home to work with you. She inspired me to look for a local home trainer on-line. I have never used a personal trainer or even taken an exercise class. I have never worked out in a gym, and I still have not. The whole routine of shlepping gym clothes back and forth and working out in public doesn’t appeal to me.

I looked up personal trainers in Northborough MA and choose Home Bodies, number one, because of the in-home option.
Secondly, the feel of the website and the info posted there convinced me that I could have a tailored solution that would work for me.

Working with a Home Bodies trainer was even better than I expected! First, the initial consultation with Chris was quite thorough. In that first discussion I learned a lot already that I never knew about how weight loss and muscle building are related.

When I started, I was just generally wanting to lose more weight to get healthier. After getting well into this, I am now able to actually think about what my specific ideal weight can be! For the first time, I know I can get to the fitness level that would truly be ideal for me. Not just lose some weight, but be optimally fit. What a concept!

My trainer Chris created three days of focused exercises, organized by muscle group. The best thing that makes it work so well is the alternating or rotating of using different muscles. Each day is a different focus, and even within each day the muscles that get worked also get alternately rested while working other muscles. This maximizes the benefit of the time I spend exercising. 

What I like about Chris is that he is tuned in to exactly what I need from exercise. After all, I just turned 59 years old and had never worked out until I was 58. He keeps me pushing to get the most out of every session, while neither overdoing it nor short-changing myself. I was already knowledgeable about diet and nutrition, but I took some suggestions about specific snack foods I could bring to work to have handy between meals. This has helped me to stop trying to concentrate all my intake to occur during mealtimes. 

I have type II diabetes. During my first warm-ups I had a low blood sugar incident, and had to start cutting back on my diabetes medication immediately. Within one week, working with my doctor, I had completely stopped diabetic medication and have been off of medication totally, for months now! I have lost at a very steady pace--two pounds every week. I know I would not be achieving this rate and continuing it without my personal trainer’s guidance. 

Between sessions, I have kept up good eating habits and exercising, and that has also paid off. If you have been thinking about using a trainer but haven't made the commitment yet, I have some words of wisdom. Exercise physiology is a scientific field and there are people who have studied and practiced the technical aspects of the best ways to achieve fitness goals. There are psychological aspects of motivation and physiological and mechanical aspects of exercise. A good trainer knows what you need, and how to get the most out of exercise for your own goals. Take advantage of them! 

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and lived there until 2007, when I moved to Northborough, MA. Personal fitness for me is part of the new life I am creating for myself in New England! I am a Business Systems Analyst/Program Manager at Juniper Networks in Westford, MA. I love many kinds of music, and have been known to play guitar and sing, occasionally. I also love photography and especially underwater photography while snorkeling in a tropical location." 

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