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Our at-home Trainers Help You Achieve the Body and the health you've been craving.

we want to keep it simple. NO CONTRACTS REQUIRED!

You have found Home Bodies in-home fitness training, owned and operated by Certfied Personal Trainer and author Gina Paulhus!

We have been serving clients home workout programs all throughout New England since 2004. We also offer sessions worldwide via Zoom or Skype for those looking for program design, exercise guidance and accountability. Due to the pandemic, all our sessions are currently being conducted virtually.

The Basics of our services.

Read testimonials from those who's lives have been changed by working with Home Bodies.

Learn how you too can get fit - once and for all!

Receive a Price Quote for your very own personal trainer who comes to your home or office, or for virtual sessions.

Check out our Satisfaction Guarantee. Other trainers don't dare offer something like this.

Danielle Rocco works on her core strength and is learning how to keep her pain level from an injury managed during exercise.

All of the Home Bodies workouts can be performed right in your home or office with little to no equipment. You will love the results - and you'll especially love the convenience!

Check out a sample session below on an episode of The Home Bodies fitness show.

Find out how simple it is to shed excess weight and tone your body. All you need is the right nutritional approach for your body type and a workout plan that's perfect for your individual body. We prioritize health and wellness and are able to work around any injury or limitation you might have. Here is one of my clients who used Home Bodies to get her body ready for all her retirement adventures.

we understand The Struggle.

It seems that half the battle with getting fit is the inconvenience of it all! After a long day, who wants to drive to the gym and fight for a treadmill?! Fortunately, there is a better solution! With the proper guidance, you can enjoy a safe, effective home workout routine that gets the results you crave.

Using this site's Navigation, you will find:

*Cardio and weight lifting routines that allow you to firm up and slim down in MINIMAL time.

*Why "diets" don't work - and the REAL nutrition advice YOU need to be successful.

*The "skinny" on supplements.

*Why it's OKAY to cheat on your diet sometimes - and how to do it without gaining weight!

*Why spending money on a full Home Gym is a WASTE of money - and what equipment you REALLY need to get in shape.

*Why you have gained weight as you've aged - and what you can do to REVERSE the process.

Dig into these articles and more!

how to Get Started.

*If you'd like to see our list of trainers, go here: Home Bodies Trainers.

*If you're interested in finding out what it would cost to hire your own personal trainer, go here: Price Quote

*If you're not quite ready to think about hiring your own personal trainer, here is another place to start: Learn the 7 Tips you need to know to raise your metabolism for life!

*Be sure you stay motivated with your diet and fitness goals by subscribing to our newsletter. 

*If you would like to learn a simple, quick, and effective home workout, please visit: Home workout you can use today!

Where We Help People

In-home prsonal training services and program design is available for those in MA, NH, RI, ME and CT (the pandemic has temporarily put this service on pause). Online program design and accountability programs are currently available worldwide. Hire your own in-home personal trainer today! is owned and operated by Home Bodies in-home fitness training LLC. 

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Online Personal Training Now Officially Out of Beta
Our online personal training services is a popular choice for our clients. We're ready to take on some new clients who are in the mood to change their lives.
In home Personal Trainer Price Quote
Submit a request for an in home personal trainer price quote. We'll let you know rates for an in-home trainer to work with you.
Personal Training Costs
Thinking about personal training costs scare a lot of people away from even getting started.
Personal Trainer Boston
Personal trainer Boston: We've got you covered! Whether you're in the city or in the suburbs around it, we have an in home trainer for you
Looking for a Personal Trainer in Massachusetts, NH, ME, or RI?
Personal trainer in Massachusetts guarantees that you reach your weight-loss or body transformation goals! Personal trainer in Massachusetts can help YOU like she's helped so many get in shape.
Home Bodies personal training is an in-home fitness training company
Home Bodies in-home personal training will help you reach your goal with a home workout. Frequently asked questions about Home Bodies personal training are answered here.
Home Bodies Fitness Programs by Gina Paulhus
Home Bodies Fitness Programs by Gina Paulhus allow you to get in great shape at home. We have programs for all goals and budgets.
Personal Trainer in Massachusetts
Personal Trainer in Massachusetts
Personal Trainer in NH: We Come to Your Home
Looking for a personal trainer in NH to come to your home? Home Bodies is your solution! Simply get a custom routine or see the trainer regularly--its up to you.
Personal Trainer in Maine: We come to your home
Personal trainers in Maine come to your home to design a routine for you or work with you on a regular basis. Personal trainers in ME will help you get in shape fast.
Home Bodies Clients of the Month are great fitness examples for all of us!
Home Bodies clients of the month are very special people who have been successful with their health and fitness endeavors. Read all about them here, and get inspired!
The Seven Secrets Personal Trainers Know
The Seven Secrets Personal Trainers Know for losing fat and keeping it off for good. Weight lifting exercises, a good diet, and cardio are all very important, in that order.
Gina Paulhus' Newsletter, Get Fit, Lose Fat, and Feel Fantastic
Subscribe to Gina Paulhus' popular monthly Newsletter, filled with great health, fitness, and weight loss tips, coupons for products and services and more!
Free fitness advice and articles
Free fitness advice from Gina Paulhus, Home Bodies, and Weight lifting, cardio, diet, and supplements are all covered.
The Home Bodies Fitness Show
See all episodes of The Home Bodies Fitness Show! At home workouts and nutrition strategies are discussed.
Free Home Exercise Videos
See our catalog of free home exercise videos. Upper body videos, lower body videos, core and foam rolling videos are all here. Blog
Health, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss updates as well as client news for Home Bodies in-home fitness training.
Books by Gina Paulhus
Books by Gina Paulhus
Press and interviews.
How I Built This Website
I built this website,, quicker and more easily than I ever expected using SBI! I had been putting off building a website because I thought it would be way over my head...
Adult Gymnastics
All things adult gymnastics!
Contact, Home Bodies in-home fitness, and Gina Paulhus
Contact, Home Bodies in-home fitness training and consulting, and Gina Paulhus. You can reach us 24 hours per day 7 das per week for diet and fitness help.
About and Home Bodies in-home fitness training is the official site of Home Bodies, the premier in-home personal training company in New England.

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