Let Home Bodies At-Home Personal Training Cover Your Health and Fitness Needs - No Need to Leave Home

Good for you for noticing that you need a bit of support - AND for taking action!

Everyone has that moment when they wake up and they are just not happy with themselves myself included!

home bodiesGina Paulhus loves helping busy people find the most efficient way to exercise so that they can spend their time on what matters most.

My name is Gina Paulhus, I am a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Home Bodies, and I am happy to say that my health and fitness are in a LOT better place these days. 

In addition to getting my fitness routine to a healthy place, I also overcame healing two large hernias as well as a diastasis recti...all without surgery. Sound too good to be true? You can hear about my personal story of how I healed from my hernias here. Learn more about my healing hernias naturally Corrective Exercise services here. All of my trainers have a similar story - they had a major health battle that they learned to overcome, and eventually thrive in spite of. Meet them now.

It's the service you need if you want to avoid surgery, or make a necesssary surgery easier to heal from. I know how it feels to be afraid for my life and want to avoid surgery at all costs, and I can help. I work with people all across the US and worldwide, including folks in the UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Portugal, Kenya, Israel and New Zealand. My team of trainers are also fully equipped to work with you with the exact same issues I can help you with, and many of them have the exact same certifications as I do (and then some).

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As Seen On

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We can always meet over a Free 15 Minute Discovery Call to ensure your situation is a good fit for my program - I would hate to waste your time and delay your progress if my program isn't the right fit. During that call, we can figure out which trainer will be the best fit for you. 

The bottom line is that I was able to turn these various situations around by getting educated on what it really takes to heal my body and achieve healthful fitness. I'd love to be the one in your corner to support you on your journey changing your own life! Whether it be from working directly with me or one of my esteemed trainers, we will get you the support you need to gain the highest level of fitness possible.

Everyone who meets me says the same thing - that my passion and commitment is what sets me apart. I will provide that same attentive care and service to you in a way that will blow away your expectations. Read more About Me and My Fabulous Team that makes it all possible. Our appointment hours are 6am-9pm 7 days per week. We each cover a portion of the day and night to ensure you can get the appointment time you need.


Have you heard? In Home Personal Training is the wave of the future.

Why would you want to commute to a crowded gym when you can work out in the comfort of your own home with exercises that are just as effective? At Home Bodies in-home fitness training, owned and operated by Certified Personal TrainerNutritionistPregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist and author Gina Paulhus, we have specialized in home training since day one, which was all the way back in 2004! Gina is also a televsion show host and two-time author.

Feedback from a Happy Home Bodies Client

weight loss testimonial trainer

Home Bodies Offers a Wide Variety of Trainers with a Huge Mix of Specialties. We Offer:

To see our full list of Specialties, click here. You can pay your Home Bodies invoice with a credit card, a bank account, or a HSA (Health Savings Account).

Here is an example of what it's like to learn an exercise from Gina!

Here is Another Client Who Relied on Home Bodies During a Trying Time with her Health

elaine testimonial up on feet
  • All of our programming we assign is supported with a video of each exercise. Online courses and programs normally provide video instruction you can follow along with, while live in person or remote sessions do not. We offer you the best of both worlds! A live trainer PLUS a video to reference anytime! This means you will get faster results by doing everything correctly and keeping your body safe!
  • We also include check-ins from the trainer with all of our services to ensure you're staying on track. You are free to opt-in or opt-out of that service.
  • With Home Bodies, you don't need to meet with a trainer 2-3 times per week to make progress. Most of our clients see us once a week or less often, yet still achieve weight loss, pain management and improved health while spending less money and having more freedom to workout whenever and whereever they wish!
  • We can work with you to create a workout plan that you actually have time for. We make sure we assign the most important exercises so that you make the best use of the time you do have to work out. 
  • You won't get bored because we can continuously change up your routines to keep things spicy. And if a Corrective Exercise program isn't working as expected - we are with you every step of the way to modify it to get the results you seek.
  • Let's get you back to feeling fit, confident and sexy. It's possible with a smartly designed home workout or Corrective Exercise routine.

What to Do if You're Not Sure This is For You Just Yet

You can schedule a Free 15-Minute Video or Phone Consultation if you'd like to talk to us about your fitness needs and see if we are a good match. These meetings are our gift to you - there is never any pressure to sign up during the call. Schedule now. Go ahead and figure out the most important part of your research - get an expert's input, all for Free! 

I will be honest if my program isn't the right fit for you. I typically have a waiting list for new clients, so there is no way I would suggest that you sign up if I didn't believe I was the absolute best person to help you. I can also pair you with one of my fabulous trainers who offer more competitive pricing and greater availiability. It's all about the fit, and I'll make sure I choose the absolute best person from my team to work with you.

You could even start to save money after becoming a Home Bodies client. Most of my clients tell me they can back away from frequent massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic appointments because the workouts we assign to them leaves them feeling so very good. I hope you're next!

Book a Free Discovery Call Now

Why Work Out at Home?

Home workouts allow you to save precious time commuting to and from the gym, enabling you to spend more time on what you really want and need to do in your life!

By following our expert-designed fitness programs, you will be able to cut down on the length of your workout  - without sacrificing results.

  • Did you know that most people get 80% of the benefit from only 20% of their workout? At Home Bodies, we know which moves are truly necessary for you to do for the results you seek.
  • When you hire a trainer, you will never waste time doing something unneccessary during your workout again!
  • If you hire us for Corrective Exercise, we can get you feeling better than ever with simple plans that can be done right at home. You may even save lots of money on things like chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and other treatments that may no longer be necessary. See Our Programs.

Working With a Trainer Comes with Unexpected Surprises and Perks

You'll love the benefits from working with our uber-experienced, holistic trainers who can teach you all of our best tips and tricks.

These tips include the little things you can do outside of your workout time to help you reach your goals even fasterWe know all the fitness hacks! Gina Paulhus and her team of trainers are ready and eager to give you the winning edge.

If you are the type who thrives off of group energy, home workouts might not be the best match. However, if you love jamming out to your own tunes and working out in peace, hello home workout! Home workouts are also perfect for those who need to meet in the middle of their workday or when responsible for childcare. 

gina paulhus corrective exercise

Who We Are

We are a wellness-focused company and are able to work around any injury, illness or limitation you may have. We pride ourselves on offering plenty of support to you along the way - all included in our at home personal training rates

We are truly home exercise coaches - not just trainers (check out our URL!) We check in with you in between sessions and have video of all the exercises we teach you right on our YouTube Channel. We also offer unlimited text, email and phone call support in between sessions. We want to help facilitate your learning and progress in every way possible - all for no extra cost! To offer this conceirge level of support of course costs us time, but we never overbook our days to ensure that we leave enough time to service our existing clients to their satisfaction.

personal trainer tips
nutritionist tips

It's not about working harder - it's about working smarter! Hear about the formula I personally use and recommend for taking diet and workout breaks in this podcast!

home bodies fitnessDanielle Rocco is working on her core strength to help improve the neck pain that she developed after a car accident.

Get Your Price Quote for In-Home or Video Call Personal Training Sessions Today.

Imagine Rolling Out of Bed and Having an In-Person Trainer or Video Call Queued Up to Get Your Day Started!

  • It couldn't be easier to gain the expertise of a fitness professional who is on your side.
  • No gym memberships, no commute, no packing your shower bag and change of clothes!
  • Enjoy corrective exercise programming that can help optimize your body's function and help your body heal from injury, all while getting fit.
  • Once you try it, you'll never go back. I canceled my gym membership for good years ago, and don't miss it one bit.
  • Get your Price Quote for your In Home or Zoom Personal Trainer Now.

osteoporosis personal trainer

Get Your Price Quote Today

Our Company Has Been Here for Awhile, and We Are Here to Stay

We have been serving in-home clients with workout programs all throughout New England since 2004. Yup - that's 20 years! Back in 2017 we began offering video calls worldwide for those looking for program design, exercise guidance and that extra boost of accountability. Currently, our client base is about 90% virtual, 10% in person. We are very comfortable and capable of performing our work remotely. Check out some of our Client Success Stories here.

It will be so nice to feel in control once again of how you look and feel once you begin working with a Home Bodies Trainer! Never again will you look in the mirror to realize you need to start yet another "Whole 30" or cleanse type plan. In fact, our plans are easier - and they work even better :) If you have a condition such as a hernia, diastasis recti or prolapse, you will benefit from the confidence that your trainer is an expert in thoes areas and will keep you safe as you gain strength and heal.

We have Certified Nutritionists on staff to help support you in your weight loss or healthier eating goals. 

  • All of the Home Bodies workouts can be performed right in your home or office with little to no equipment. Research shows that the more convenienct a fitness plan is, the more likely you are to do it.
  • We also can work with the equipment you have or that you want to buy if you prefer!
  • We will provide you with equipment suggestions to optimize your results. Usually the suggested equipment list is under $50 in cost.
  • You will love the results - and you'll especially love the convenience and affordability! No long term contracts or gym memberships necessary.
in home personal trainingGetting a Price Quote to work with Gina or one of her trainers is simple and easy.

Go ahead and get your Price Quote today! Ready? Let's Go.

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You can also book a Free 15-Minute Video or Phone Consultation here.

Book a Free Discovery Call Now

About Our Fitness, Nutrition and Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Services

  • Read testimonials from those whose lives have been changed by working out with their Home Bodies trainer. Check Them Out >
  • Receive a Price Quote for your very own trainer who comes to your home or office, or who meets with you live over video calls. Our trainers offer support in between sessions, too! Using a trainer is one of the smartest investments you will ever make. That's why I have had clients stay with me for nearly 20 years now (and counting!) Get Started >
  • Get more info. on our Pregnacy and Postpartum Services. Don't leave this critical time in your life to chance. We also help women who have stopped having kids years ago but are still having issues. If you see a program promising complete healing for $39, please don't fall for it. This is a serious matter that requires a professional's attentive care. Check It Out >
  • Our Corrective Exercise Service Helps Those with Issues Ranging From Hernias to Prolapse to Back Pain and many things in between. You can use exercise to improve your body's function and how it feels with our Corrective Exercise Programs. The last thing you want to do is to embark on a fitness routine only to find you're making the problem worse. Learn more> 
  • Check out our Satisfaction Guarantee. Other fitness companies don't dare offer something like this. With limited time to research, wouldn't it be nice to hire a Personal Trainer who stands behind what she has to offer? Learn More >

online postpartum personal training

With Our Corrective Exercise Service, You Can Get Out of Pain and Get in Shape All with One Trainer, Just Like Lisa Did!

Check out what a Personal Training Session with us looks like on an episode of The Home Bodies Fitness Show.

Gina speaks about her book Change Your Weighs on Point of Reference with Frank Novak.

amazon bestseller

Watch or now. Grab your copy of the #1 Amazon Seller Change Your Weighs book here.

New! We Now Offer a 6 Week Nutrition Reset Online Program.

This program exists so that you can learn to manage your food intake with ease and make it work for you in any environment, including family dining and eating out. Wouldn't it be nice to feel in control for a change?

Yes! I want to Learn How to Reset My Nutrition. 

  • By enrolling in this Nutrition Reset, you’ll leave fad dieters in the dust as you learn to comfortably master your food intake to the point where it's a non-issue in your life.
  • Exercise alone is overrated for weight loss. Do something that will actually move that needle. Start now.

If Getting Fit Seems So Simple, Then Why the Heck is it SO HARD?

Half the battle with getting fit is the inconvenience of it all!

  • After a long day, who wants to drive to the gym and fight for a treadmill?!
  • With the proper guidance from a Certified Fitness Expert, you too can enjoy a safe, effective home workout routine that gets the results you crave.
  • With a solid nutrition approach via our Nutrition Reset, you can delete all the expensive apps off your phone that have done nothing for you over the years.
  • And the good news is, you can get started below without even hiring a trainer or buying anything!

Everything you need to start today is right here - We have a ton of Free Resources.

  • Cardio and strength training routines that allow you to firm up and slim down in MINIMAL time.
  • The "skinny" on which supplements are actually worth the money.
  • How to heal your umbilical hernia without surgery
  • Why spending money on a full home gym is a waste  - and what equipment you REALLY need to get in shape.
  • Why you have gained weight as you've aged - and what you can do to REVERSE the process.

Dig into these articles and more right now!

How to Get Your Fitness Journey Started - or How to Get it Moving Once Again if You've Let Yourself or Your Health Slide (we have ALL been there).

gina_tiffany_glute_bridgeTiffany is working on a strength training routine to help her performance as a ballroom dancer.
  • If you're curious what it would cost to hire your own personal trainer, go here: Price Quote. 

Where We Help People.

homebodies fitness trainingGina is showing Alan how to lift weights for the first time.

In-Home Personal Training Services, Program Design and Accountability Coaching are available for most areas of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

  • Video sessions, program design and accountability coaching are available worldwide.
  • We also have a full exercise library of reference videos for you to use if needed in between sessions.

Home Bodies Offers a Wide Variety of Trainers with a Huge Mix of Specialties. We Offer:

To see our full list of Specialties, click here. You can pay your Home Bodies invoice with a credit card, a bank account, or a HSA (Health Savings Account).

Ready to Get Started? Let's Go.

Sound amazing? Perfect - I bet we are a good match! Go ahead and get the info. on how to hire your own In-Home Personal Trainer today! You're sure to start feeling better after the very first appointment. And you never have to commit to more than one visit at a time to ensure that you like it.

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