Free Home Exercise Videos Ensure You Never Have Bad Form on an Exercise Again!

Our free home exercise video catalog used to be available only to clients, but lucky you - I have recently opened it up to the greater public!

Here you will find tons of free home exercise videos! Home exercise videos are different than most of the videos online since they are designed to be done with typical set-ups at home, rather than at a gym.

They are all performed by Gina Paulhus or another one of the Home Bodies trainers and/or Home Bodies clients. You will see short videos of each exercise complete with form tips when necessary. The links below contain the exercises in alphabetical order, or you can see our YouTube channel below and can search within that channel.

free home exercise videosThese free home exercise videos from Home Bodies will allow you to create your own home workout and ensure that you use proper form.

Click on a link to get started, or dive into our YouTube stream below!

These free home exercise videos are a great start, but what if i need more?

We offer an assortment of personal training services where we create a personalized routine just for you. We always start with a consult in order to get to know you, your history, and your goals. From there, we create your first customized routine. 

After that, we can settle on whether or not you need follow-up sessions for program updates, or if you prefer to have regular visits with the trainer to help boost motivation and accountability.

Virtual training packages  are a great option if you'd like to bundle services and save.

Go here for a Price Quote on training over video call or in person.

You can also schedule a Free 15 minute Consultation on my Calendar.

How to use these Free Home Exercise Videos

If you already have a workout plan and simply want to touch up on form, you can watch the exercises to get a refresher. If you are trying to design your own workout plan, you may do that as well by watching and trying the moves that you are interested in learning. Unless you have a background in exercise physiology, however, it's easy to get hurt as you won't be likely to be able to create a balanced and appropriate routine for yourself. Go here to get a Price Quote if you want a trainer to design your routine for you. You can also check out Our Programs. Many clients find that one session is all they need to get off to a great start!

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