In Home Personal Training Haverhill MA: Client Spotlight

Dennis Spurling comes back from Subdural Hematoma and a 5-Bypass Surgery to become fitter than he's ever been!

If you're looking for a personal trainer in Haverhill MA who can travel to your home or office and is familiar with working with health problems, your wishes have been granted! Let Home Bodies help you regain health and fitness, just as we helped Dennis Spurling! 

Dennis Spurling has some genetic heart issues and came to Home Bodies primarily to learn a workout that could help his sore knee so that he could continue doing things he loved such as running and hiking. Little did he know that he would also use Home Bodies to help in recovery from such a rare heart surgery that it had only been done twice before. Let's hear more from Dennis about his experience.

gentleman notices benefits from office based personal training in haverhill maDennis loves the fact that he is fit and healthy enough to keep up with his grandsons Max and Sawyer

"Gina to the rescue again! Five years ago I suffered a subdural hematoma when I got rear ended by a texting teenager. As a result I lost the use of the left side of my body. Through training sessions with Gina I was able to rebound to a level of fitness I had never achieved before, life was good! Well, last August all that changed as I had to undergo emergency cardiac surgery resulting in 5 bypasses and a hole in my heart being repaired. I knew that my rehab was going to take time and effort. Immediately, I asked Gina to design a program to get me back where I was pre-surgery. As I expected, she diligently researched the type of exercise program that would allow me to move forward as my sternum healed. I am making it back to the level of fitness I had before my surgery all thanks to Gina and the specific exercise program she created for me.  Life is good again!"

--Dennis Spurling

Client since 2011, and still at it today in 2022

Receives personal training at his office in Haverhill MA.

Note from Gina:

Dennis is very humble! Since starting training he has accomplished many things.

  • Reduced his bodyfat percentage by 10%
  • Achieved an ideal BMI
  • Drastically improved the quality of his diet
  • Went from not being able to do a single chin-up to being able to do 7 in a row
  • Tripled his strength in upper body, lower body and core
  • Ditched the knee brace he used to use
  • Learned how to better balance his workouts to reduce pain in his body and reduce the need for some medications
  • Improved his flexibility by 400%
  • He has to spend most of his time with younger guys because the older ones cannot keep up!!

Personal training in Haverhill MA: Get Started

Gina Paulhus has been a personal trainer in Haverhill MA since 2004.Gina is from Haverhill and she loves to work with clients in her community!

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