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“Being 40 years old I feel I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since high school. To be able to go on the beach and not be self conscious is priceless.”

-Peter Accolla

If you're looking for in-home personal training in North Reading MA, you're in luck! Home Bodies offers personal training to North Reading MA and has since 2004.

Peter loves his Personal Training in North Reading MAThe confidence Peter has now in his body and his fitness is unmistakable!

“I have been working out regularly all my life, but I was really, really stuck in a rut before Home Bodies. I would go to the gym 2-3 times per week and pretty much do the same routine. I had a strength training split and did 20-30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical. I did no core training at all. I didn’t know what to change to improve my results. I figured I knew enough about working out that I didn’t need a trainer.

However, one day I just got curious about what was out there, and I googled personal trainers in North Reading MA and saw that one of my co-workers, Darlene Mack, trained with Home Bodies. I also noticed some people I knew from growing up in Medford. I was looking for a trainer because I was feeling stale with the same old workouts. In her testimonial, Darlene expressed exactly how I felt that it boring to do the same old thing. I was also interested in learning how to maximize my time with workouts. I was up to doing 3-4 sets of things, and I still wasn’t happy with my physique. I could never seem to lose the last few pounds.

I got started with Gina by meeting with her at my home in North Reading MA for a consultation. As we continued on, I was really loving it. I had new workouts that totally kicked my butt and I was making progress with my strength, my appearance and the balance of my body. Unfortunately, my chronic back pain reared its head. This is something I deal with that isn’t related to my workouts. I was totally bummed out that the pain came back in my back.

Gina encouraged me to keep going to the gym and just do what I can that I could do without pain, and still continue to strengthen my core. I did this, but also visited with my surgeon and chiropractor thinking I might need to do something drastic. However, as I continued my gentler workouts I noticed less and less pain over time. It seems that exercise helped me heal in a way. I can feel the strength and stability in everything I do now—something I never had before, even though I was working out regularly. I actually look forward to my workouts now!

“A trainer makes working out fun and interesting again. I like going to the gym now. I’m not just getting through it anymore.”

The diet help was huge for me. I had always tried to lose weight and the only thing that worked for me was a fruit and vegetable based diet that was low in protein. I was doing this plan right before I hired Home Bodies. I was losing weight, but I was not as toned and muscular as I would like to be.

Gina created a custom-made diet plan for me that has been working great. I am eating foods I enjoy and I am not going hungry. I still can have some carbs, which I love. I really enjoy the food choices I have, and I have dropped the weight effortlessly. Gina has given me ideas for snacks and for additional sources of protein. I find I can have little cheats here and there without an impact on my weight.

Having a trainer helps so much because my form is critiqued regularly, and I am motivated to push myself and not get lazy. I like the change of exercises and the fact that my workouts are designed to target my weak points. My upper body looks better. My physique is finally balanced. I am now doing three sets of 8-10 pull-ups. I could only do one or two before. To see that accomplished over what I consider to be a really short period of time is phenomenal. I have been able to progress to climbing the rope without my legs.

Gina is tremendously knowledgeable. I admire what she’s been through in her personal life with health problems and taking care of a sick family member at home. I see that she doesn’t make excuses to not work out and I shouldn’t either. Her fitness level inspires me. Gina isn’t a hard ass, which I find obnoxious. She gets her point across and keeps the sessions fun and amusing. Her style is very unique.

If you are thinking of hiring a trainer but you’re just not sure about it, realize that there is so much that a trainer knows that you might not know of or think about. I always hesitated because I thought, 'What would they know that I don’t already know?' I’m telling you, there are so many different exercises and ways to target the muscles you would never think of. A trainer has tips and tricks that can help you. You can’t imagine how much there is to know about eating right and working out."

In the future, Peter Accolla would like to continue to get stronger and achieve a more balanced physique. He would also like to keep up with his core strength and the health of his back. Peter loves being able to keep up with a basketball league he is part of that is full of young, energetic guys, and he would like to keep it that way!

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