Remote Personal Training was a Perfect Fit for Sara... and it Shows in What She Has Accomplished So Far!

Remote personal training isn't for everyone, but for a busy no-nonsense woman like Sara, it's a perfect fit!

Sara has been a fabulous client for me to work with because she is self-motivated and is clear on what she wants to accomplish out of her personal training sessions. She always comes with great questions which makes it fun to teach her. Let's hear from Sara about how she has found her experience working with Home Bodies using a remote Personal Trainer.

sara goodman

Let's Get into the Interview with Sara!

What were your first experiences in sports, fitness or enjoying physical activity? When did you become interested in 'working out?' Why? 

I've always loved being active, and for a long time, running was my favorite way to work out. Even as a kid, I would run from one room to another in my house. I think even then, I craved the endorphins I got when running. I started to work out more formally in my mid-20s, and I loved the feeling of becoming stronger the more I did it. It also helped me manage my anxiety.

What types of things did you do to stay in shape before Home Bodies? How consistent were you? 

I've tried a variety of ways to work out (running, TRX, CrossFit, spinning, yoga) but whatever I've done, I've always been pretty consistent with it.

sara goodman travelSara loves to get active outside when she can. Strength training helps her to feel good while she is doing that.

Have you used other trainers in the past? If so, how does your trainer compare?

I've never used a trainer before Home Bodies. Hiring Gina was my first.

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What led you to choose Home Bodies for online personal training?

I've always been somewhat injury-prone and had to give up running about five years ago because I kept having back issues. Then, earlier this year, I hurt my knee after joining a volleyball team. I was frustrated that these activities that I love doing were no longer accessible to me. My physical therapist recommended Home Bodies as a way to get stronger safely.

Was working with a Home Bodies trainer what you expected? If so, what did you expect from a trainer? If not, what was different about us?

I didn't really know what to expect since I've never worked with a trainer before. I definitely didn't expect the remote personal training component to be as effective as it's been though, with such personalized and tailored instruction and workout plans! I also love how I've been able to tailor a program that meets my goals without being too expensive. Being able to meet with a trainer once a month but also work out with personalized plans several times a week has been great!

"I love that the sessions are so personalized. I feel like Gina really takes the time to answer my questions and watch how I'm doing different exercises to make sure I'm doing everything correctly. And, she pays attention to my alignment and designs the program to really fit what my body needs."

What were your goals when you started? Have they changed at all?

My goals at the beginning were the same as they are now: to improve my overall fitness in a way that allows me to get stronger while minimizing the risk of injury. 

What is your exercise program your trainer designed for you like? What do you like about it?

I have two exercise programs that I alternate-they're both full-body workouts that use weights, bands, yoga blocks, chairs and stair railings :😃 I like how varied the programs are and how as I get better at the exercises, Gina changes them and makes them harder so I'm always moving forward with my fitness.

sara goodman hikingWhen Sara dealt with knee pain it made hikes like this less comfortable. It's no fun to be in pain!

What results have you noticed with following our program?

My knee completely stopped hurting! And, I feel stronger overall. I want to keep strengthening my body so that I can keep doing the activities I love without the fear of getting injured every time I try something new. 

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone who is thinking about using a trainer but hasn’t made the commitment yet? 

If you are interested in improving your fitness, I would definitely consider it! What I love about Home Bodies is the combination of remote sessions with exercise programs that you can do on your own. It provides flexibility plus accountability.

More About Sara

Sara grew up in Houston, TX. She's been in Massachusetts since 2012. She's a science writer at Boston Children's Hospital. She also just published her first book, a memoir about her dad: The Bald Eagle of the Far East: Soldier, Diplomat, Oilman.

She loves to travel, practice yoga, and go for long walks with her dogs. She also could sit and stare at the trees for hours.

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