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Looking for an in-home personal trainer who can work with you at your home in Seabrook NH? Home Bodies would LOVE to help you, just like we helped Jessie! Jessie Mills is our newest client of the month. Let's hear more from her now!

personal trainer seabrook nh

Jessie Mills has done a fabulous job following her exercise and nutrition plan Gina designed for her starting back in November. Jessie has intense dedication to the Home Bodies program--and her results have been incredible so far!

Jessie has tried other types of working out before, including exercise videos and joining a health club. However, she never did anything consistently. "I had a friend who had undergone gastric bypass surgery and started working with a trainer," says Jessie. “Her success really inspired me. I have been battling with weight for a long time, and finally decided to get serious about it. I started looking up personal trainers, and found Gina on I asked for information, and was impressed when I talked to Gina. She seemed to know a lot about the different issues that led to my weight problems, and seemed really positive. I decided to start working with her, and haven't looked back!"

Jessie was intimidated at first to work with a trainer. "I was so nervous the first time I met Gina," says Jessie. "I mean, this is someone who was way more fit than I who was going to be taking my measurements…and well, I was afraid of her being a little bit of a drill sergeant! Nothing could be further from the truth. While she does expect me to push myself, I find that it is in a very encouraging way. She gives me tips to break out of negative cycles, and ways to deal with situations that in the past would have derailed my efforts to lose weight and be healthy. The program Gina has designed for me is easy to follow…and results are seen quickly! I've noticed that I have more energy through the day, and when my son happens to keep me up at night, I notice that I can function MUCH better the next day than I could before I started this exercise program. My fitness stuff stares me in the face day in and day out…it’s hard to ignore my exercise routine when I keep walking by the equipment every day!"

Jessie has lost 24 pounds of fat in just 3 months, and has lost at total of 31.5 inches. Highlights include a jaw-dropping 12 inches off her waist, 6 inches off her chest, and 4 inches off both her hips and her thighs. "My main goal is to be healthier by losing weight,” says Jessie. "I actually believe that my goals are attainable-- something I did not believe just 6 months ago! I look forward to celebrating the achievements of my goals! It is possible!"

Jessie has worked very hard, but perhaps more importantly, she is working on changing her ways of thinking that have sabotaged her weight loss efforts in the past. She listens to her trainer and Gina enough to follow her recommendations, even if she is hesitant to make a change at first. Jessie is willing to try to make changes because she knows what she was doing before wasn’t working. That ability to adapt and grow is critical if you want to make a change such as losing weight. 

"I've really enjoyed the fact that my trainer will listen to what I have to say and will tweak my workouts for my own body...she gives me tips on how to make it through the difficult times. One of the things I appreciate the most is that she can explain to me why certain exercises work, or why something she recommends is necessary. I understand more about how my body functions, which in turn frees me up of some of the guilt when I struggle or think I should be doing more. This extra knowledge enables me to make healthier choices." 

"Gina is great," says Jessie. "I think that her desire to truly see someone achieve their best, while encouraging them, and giving them the knowledge to empower themselves is the best part. She isn't out to have me buy personal training twice a week or anything like that…she would rather that I gain some autonomy and learn how to depend on myself for the motivation. Again, her sharing of her knowledge and why things work is a real benefit! Everyone needs a Gina!" 

Jessie is originally from St. Jerome, Quebec, Canada. She resides in Seabrook, NH with her husband, Rich. She has a daughter, Trisha and a son, Simeon. Her hobbies include reading, crocheting, cross stitching, scrapbooking, baking, and spending time in Montreal, her favorite place to be. 

"I have been so satisfied with the services I have received! Thank you Gina, for being there! I for one TRULY appreciate it!" --Jessie Mills

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