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Free fitness advice can be valuable when it comes from a reputable source. Gina Paulhus, Certified Personal Trainer, author, and owner of Home Bodies in-home fitness training, has put together a plethora of online articles to help you with your health, fitness, and weight-loss goals.

Diet and Nutrition Articles

Small Meals, Large Meals; It All Depends
Why Bodyfat Seems to be Stored In the Stomach Area
Color-Code Your Produce to Realize Health Benefits
The Thanksgiving Meal--Tips on How to Deal
Nutrient Timing is the Key to Being Able to Eat More While Getting Leaner Than Ever!
Guaranteed Weight Loss
Calorie-Free Sweet Herb: Stevia
This Simple Tip Can Ease Your Digestive Woes
Post Workout Nutrition Explained
How to Diet Without Giving Up the Foods You Love
The Second-Most Important Method to Improve the Results of Your Workouts

Balance Sweet and Salty/Bitter for Diet Control
How To Set Up Your Post Workout Nutrition
The Second-Most Important Method To Improve The Results of Your Workouts
The 'Google 15' is a weight-tracking module that will help you measure the trend of your weight change.
My Personal Favorites: Diet Books That Aren't

The Simple Tip That Can Ease Your Digestive Woes
How to Alter the Hormones That Make You Hungry
Top 10 Food Tips for getting lean, healthy and strong.
If You Don't Feel Well, Check Your Major Minerals
The Importance of Protein Supplements...and the Least Expensive, Best Tasting Options
Free Rapid Weight Loss Plan That's Safe and Trainer-Approved
If you're going to do it, do it right! Rapid Weight Loss Resources
Is Gluten Free Right for Me?
Free Diet Plans to Give You The Results You Want
How To Choose Your Own Effective Diet Menu for Your Goals
The Best Supplements for All Your Health, Fitness, and Physique Goals
Chemistry 101 Flashbacks: Healthy Body = Healthy pH.
Controlling Hunger Starts With The Hunger Hormone
Why Individualized Diet and Exercise Programs are Superior
Why Natural Foods DO Make a Difference
The Obesity Epidemic
How To Get Rid of Cellulite for Good
Why Fish Oil May Be the Most Important Supplement You Ever Take
Free Rapid Weight Loss Plan That's Safe and Trainer-Approved
Glucosamine-Chondroitin is a Godsend For Your Joints
Glutamine Can Help You Work Out Longer and Harder, and Sleep and Recover Better
Why Green Tea Might Be the Best Fat-Burner There Is
Healthy Eating Tips
How To Lose Weight Fast, Safely
Jump on the "Boycott Low-Carb" Bandwagon. The Low Carb Alternative
Moderate Dieting is Statistically More Successful in the Long Run
Fad Dieting Stinks: Go Back to Basics
Dining Out Tips From the Trainer
Do I Really Need a Multivitamin?
Powder Versus Capsules for Supplements: Get The Scoop
Trader Joe's Healthy and Tasty Shopping Guide
How to Consume Enough Protein
Help! I Quit Smoking and am Gaining Weight
Fun and Different High Protein Snack Ideas
Know Your Fats!
Quick Meal Ideas
How to Reduce Hunger While Dieting
The Importance of Whole Grains in a Healthy Diet
Protein is Non-Negotiable for an Ideal Physique
Five Surprising Foods You Should Add to Your Diet Today!
'Healthy' Foods That Really Aren't
Food and the Flu
Healthier Cake Recipes
Quick Easy Quinoa Recipe Loaded with Complete Protein and Fiber
Two-Way Sweet or Savory Pear Tart
3 Alternatives to Beef Burgers
How to Drink and Still Maintain Fitness
Juice Cleanse Smoothie Recipes You Can Make at Home
Choosing a Protein Bar That is Healthy and Best for Your Goals
Favorite Healthy Winter Comfort Food Recipes

Strength Training Articles

Get Your Arms Firm and Cut but Not Bulky
Muscle Memory: Getting Back Into Shape
Athletic Fit Clothing Makes Your Fit Bod Look Great!
How Changing Your Grip Can Improve Your Training
Portable Strength Training Mades Getting Outside Easy
Myths About the Results You Can Get From Lower Abdominal Exercises
How to Get Slim, Lean, Toned Legs
The Surprising Facts About Training and Muscle Size
What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Working Out: Due to Muscle Memory, It's Not As Bad As You Think.
Abdominal Exercises Alone Are Not Enough
Why Exercise Can Make Thighs Bigger Instead of Smaller and What to Do About It
Best Fitness DVDs
The Surprising Facts About Weight Training and Muscle Size
The Eight Best Weight Training Exercises of All Time
Abdominal Workouts That Produce Results
Shopping Guide for Home Workout Equipment
Needs of the Postpartum Exerciser
How To Work Out During Pregnancy...and Prevent Excessive Weight Gain that Harms Your and Your Baby's Health
Weight Training Advice from a Personal Trainer:
Frequency is Key With Weight Training

How To Facilitate Recovery From Your Workouts
How to Remove Knots and Kinks in Your Muscles
The Best Abdominal Exercises from My Experience as a Trainer
How To Set Up Your Own Home Gym on any Budget.
Effective Workout You Can Perform at Home
Lower Abdominal Exercises That Really Work
Why You Should Get a Massage Regularly
Basic Home Weight Lifting Equipment Advice German Volume Training is a Great Plateau Buster
Weight Training For Women
Stoking The Metabolism
Short Pilates Workout: Perform Pilates at Home
Broken Foot? No Excuses! You Can Still Get a Great Workout
Outdoor Workouts To Stay Fit and Have Fun All Summer Long
Pros and Cons of P90x and Other Cookie-Cutter Home Workout Programs

Cardio and Endurance Articles

Outdoor Cardio Workouts: How to Set Your Pace on the Road
Cardio Workouts You Can Do Outdoors
The Most Effective Cardio You Can Do For Fat Loss is Interval Training.
Combat Cardio Machine Boredom
How To Choose The Right Sneakers for Your Workouts and Your Body Type
Outdoor Cardio Workout Ideas Deep Breathing Techniques for Ultimate Energy
Spot Reducing Advice
How To Strength-Train as a Runner
Choosing a Good Home Treadmill
How To Improve Your Cardiovascular Endurance
Perform Cardio After Weight Training for Best Results
How to Choose Music for Working Out
Home Elliptical Trainers
How to Choose the Right Sneaker Based on Foot Type
Interval Walking Workout Ramps Up the Intensity Without Excessive Impact
Elliptical Versus Treadmill: Shopping for Home Cardio Equipment
How to Prevent Muscle Cramps While Working Out
Triathlon Q + A with Amy Langone
Turn Snow Shoveling into a Safe and Effective Workout
More Cardio Workouts You Can Do Outdoors

Motivation Articles

Color-Coding Makes Logging More Valuable and More Fun
50% is an F in School, and in Diet and Training Too
Perfectionism is Keeping You Fat
Leave your Comfort Zone, See Big Results!
Overcoming the Winter Lazies
The Fat Loss Fairy
Stepping Outside of Yourself to Change
Overcoming Procrastination to Exercise
Unfortunately, 50% Effort Gets You an "F"-- But Just a Little More Effort and You’ll Make The Grade!
Exercise Log Advice From Those in-the-Trenches
Competition/Contest Motivation
Weight Buffer Zones Keep Your Weight in Check
The 2 Reasons Most People Do Not Make Progress
How to Stick to Your Diet without Letting Perfectionism Sabotage You
3 Simple Strategies: How to Make Exercise a 'Must' not a 'Should'
Do Goals Stress You Out?
Seven Secrets Personal Trainers Know (and why they look so good!)
Success Tips From Those "In The Trenches"
11 Things That Drive Me Crazy
How To Avoid Exercise Burnout
"I Didn't Think I Could Do it Either"...How I Built This Website
How to Stop a Bad Week in it's Tracks
Fitness Goal Sheet Help You Unlock Your Inner Motivation
How to Stay in Shape on a Business Trip
How Hungry Are You For Getting in Shape?
Easy Changes to Lose Weight You Can Make NOW
Tips to Stop Lying to Yourself
How to Get Fit When You Work All The Time
Learn to Make Better Bad Choices
Do You Have Intensity When You Work Out?
Your Body Doesn't Lie
Help for Procrastination
Take Responsibility for Your Fitness
Military Core Values and How I Apply Them to My Training
Holiday Madness Calls for Time Crunch TrainingHow to Practice Visualization
Who You Believe You Are is Key
Fake It Until You Make It--How to 'Get Motivated.'

Health and Flexibility Articles

How Deep Tissue Work Can Reduce Your Pain and Improve Your Fitness
How massage can help you recover after exercise, prevent injuries, and maximize performance.
These Eight Benefits of Yoga Make Yoga a Superior Form of Exercise.
How the Foam Roller Can Be Your Game Changer
Could Your Prescription Drugs Be Making You Fat?
Fighting Diabetes with Exercise
Benefits of Exercise For Aging
Why Working Out is Necessary for those who Hate Pain
The Pain and Exercise Connection
How to Get Pain Relief Through Exercise
Stretches for People Who Do Too Much Sitting
Stretch to Progress Faster!
Benefits of Bikram Yoga
Not Losing Weight? It Could Be Your Thyroid.
Basics of Good Health
How to Maintain Healthy Habits While on Vacation
Acupuncture Points for Exercise Recovery and Injury Prevention
Coping with S.A.D.
Fitness Gifts Under $20

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