Eileen C. of Lunenburg MA is Home Bodies Client of the Month for September 2011!

By Eileen C. of Lunenburg MA

"When I first contacted Home Bodies in August 2010, I had my June 24, 2011 wedding coming up and was looking to get in shape for this special day. Prior to working out with Home Bodies, I was a college athlete and had athletic experience, but felt my workouts had become stagnant and boring. It was no longer something I looked forward to. I was looking to get my energy and strength back, all with keeping my wedding day in mind. Incidentally, I had also been diagnosed with slightly high cholesterol within the past month. I consulted Home Bodies in an attempt to get my workout life back and just feel better in general.

I met with Kim Kalinowski and we meshed right away. We talked about my fitness goals and set to work on a fun, dynamic workout plan. Working with Kim was great--she provided me with the motivation, encouragement, and guidance to work out even in the earliest of mornings! Communication was always key and she was always available to answer questions. As my endurance, strength, and cardio improved, the workouts became appropriately more challenging and this kept the workouts fun and exciting. I could not believe how much strength and flexibility I gained from these workouts!

As a result, I sit here today writing this testimonial one year later and I can honestly tell you working with Home Bodies has changed my life in ways I didn't think were possible. As a result of my weekly workouts with Kim, I have lost approximately 15 pounds, dropped from a size 10 to a 6, and have never felt stronger or leaner in my life.

Even during my days of college athletics, I have never felt this toned or energetic. I have received compliments on how much leaner and toned I look, especially on my wedding day!

I also just found out that my cholesterol has returned to normal and I truly believe it is a result of my workouts with Home Bodies.

I continue to work with Kim on a weekly basis now that my wedding has come and gone- I not only see Kim as a personal trainer and a great motivator, but also a great friend. I look forward to continuing to work with her and Home Bodies for many years to come!"

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