Gina Paulhus Has Added Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist to her Resume!

I'd love to chat with you whether you are currently pregnant, newly postpartum - or have had kids a long time ago and never felt like you re-gained your fitness and function the way you had hoped.

Becoming a pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist has transformed my career. If you know me well, you know that I haven't been able to stop talking about core rehab and the Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Course. I have probably even started to annoy you a little with how often I bring it up :) Sorry, I can't help it - the lessons I've learned and experienced firsthand have been nothing short of life-changing!

pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialistGina Paulhus received her PCES Certification in May of 2020.

I am very excited to announce that I offer services as a Certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist! Before you skip this announcement thinking, “this doesn’t pertain to me” - hold up!

The knowledge I have gained in this course is of course invaluable to new moms or expectant moms who are looking to regain or develop their fitness in a safe and healthy way. However, there is much more to it than meets the eye...

Rather than think of common postpartum issues such as back pain, distended abdomens and urinary incontinence as depressing matters that are super unfair - they can give you the opportunity to address your fitness at a deep level than ever before. What a gift!

Pregnancy tends to reveal our weaknesses in our core that were actually there long before having kids. By working on it, our whole body benefits for the rest of our lives! 

Pregnancy and Postpartum Training is a whole body issue - and therefore requires a whole body approach.

In this course I learned so much about managing back pain, posture issues, diastasis (separation of the ab muscles along the midline), hernias, prolapse, and other issues that can affect us from head to toe. A lot of these issues can be drastically helped with a few simple breathing exercises.1

To give you an example, I have never been pregnant, but I unfortunately suffered from a hernia that developed after an abdominal surgery that went awry. This hernia has made it medically unsafe for me to become pregnant. However, I have made huge strides in improving my core strength and capacity since working the exercises and concepts found in this pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise course.

Even more importantly, I have gotten myself back to living a pain free life which includes overcoming back pain that limited my ability to walk for years. These are all things that can happen when our core is weak, or simply out of balance. And it's just as common in athletes as non-athletes - postpartum just happens to be a time when this weakness tends to get magnified and exposed. 

Simply doing kegals or binding your abdomen barely scratch the surface of what the average postpartum woman needs - and in some cases can be the exact opposite of what your body really needs. Don't settle, and don't be brushed off that it's all normal after giving birth.  This is your one and only body! It's worth it to take the time to learn what you need to know to not only regain function, but to surpass your prepregancy shape if you so choose and desire!

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I worked this program as a student for a year and a half before enrolling in the course, which is run by two Doctors of Physical therapy. Not only did I spent countless hours in the course material and lectures, but I also have had the opportunity to practice my skills. This means I am coming out of the gate ready and prepared to help you! I continue to participate in continuing education to ensure that my knowledge stays fresh and current.

It's never too late to address your Postpartum Body with the help of a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist.

pregnancy and postpartum workout expert

Did you know that postpartum issues can affect a woman for her entire life when left untreated? Even a pregnancy that occurred several decades ago can leave its mark, and you DON’T have to settle for, “this is just the way it is after having kids.” Issues like leaking pee, painful backs and SI joints, and lower belly pooches are all-too common - and all-too preventable!

I promise you – so much can be done about so many of these issues with corrective exercise! The exercises are scalable - you can do as much or as little as you want and have time for and still benefit. And furthermore – even if you are someone who needs a surgery because your issues are so drastic - corrective exercise will help you prepare your body for surgery and also help you recover the best way you can. Corrective exercise can increase the odds that the surgery will “take” and decrease the odds of future issues.

Pregnant now? Even better! Engaging in appropriate exercise while pregnant is likely to improve outcomes2, including those of pelvic pain during and after pregnancy. And  few pregnant woman follow national guidelines regarding physical activity. By exercising less than is recommended, you are increasing your odds for complications. Knowing how to do it safely and effectively is the missing link3 for many women.

I am trained in being able to help you though a live video call4 format or through in person work. And the great news is, the video method3 has been proven to be just as successful for many women as in person options – so no worries if we live far apart!

Are you intrigued? Don't be shy. 

If you would like more information on what I might be able to do for you, feel free to reach out! I offer a Free 15 minute Discovery Call where we can discuss your situation and I can give you an honest assessment of how you may (or may) not benefit from what I have to offer! I am so excited to bring this new knowledge and skill set to you as just one of the many services Home Bodies in-home fitness training provides. 

You can see our full list of our Programs including all of our Postpartum offerings here.

You can also request a Price Quote below. I promise I can give you tremendous value with even just one session!

pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise trainer

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Articles I have written about pregnancy and postpartum

1 The functions of breathing and its dysfunctions and their relationship to breathing therapy. Rosalba Courtney. RMIT University, School Health Science, 11 Binburra Ave, Avalon, N.S.W. 2017, Australia

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