Hernia Corrective Exercise Specialist

My name is Gina Paulhus, CPT, PCES Certified. I am a hernia corrective exercise specialist who has healed my own hernias without surgery.

I have experience with many types of hernias and I can help with your hernia recovery whether or not you choose to get surgery.

hernia corrective exerciseI have been a trainer since 2004, so I bring lots of great experience to the table.

Hernia Repair Recovery Exercises

Learn the best exercises to do before a hernia repair to increase the odds of a successful surgery. You can also perform these exercises after a repair to fortify the area and help it to gain strength. Get Started

Umbilical Hernia Recovery Without Surgery

Learn how you can help your umbilical hernia recover without going under the knife. I'll show you examples of exercises I used to heal my own umbilical hernia. Check It Out

heal hernia naturally

Inguinal Hernia Recovery Without Surgery

If you have an inguinal hernia and you'd like to avoid surgery, this article is for you. You'll see exercises that you can use to help heal from an inguinal hernia. You'll also learn more about why you got a hernia in the first place. Read Now

Hear my own Personal Hernia Recovery Story.