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Kirsten Zimmerman of Brooklike, NH is our latest Home Bodies Client of the Month!

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personal training brookline nhAs you can see, Kirsten has her hands full!

"I was that kid that didn’t like exercise. I just didn’t like being out of breath and sweaty. As an adult and mother of 8, I had gotten to a pointhat I realized I was really limited in what I can do, and that exercise was the only way to change it. I was always tired, and with 8 kids that just doesn’t work. I tried to do karate with the kids but I just felt so worn out. I needed to lose weight and get stronger before I could really go further with karate. My knees hurt too much. The doctor said for every 1 lb. extra it is 3 lb. pressure on the knees. 

I also wanted to be able to wear really cute clothes! I wanted to be busy and active. I didn’t have many role models of women who were physically fit. And so I wanted to be able to pass it along to my children. I didn’t want them to be like me—when I was in 4th grade I remember people saying to me that I was just like my mom. Well, my mom was very heavy and I thought I must be heavy too. In my head I thought I was a heavy child but I really wasn’t. I don’t want my kids going through that. I realized that I needed to make changes but I had no background in how to start.

I started making changes with my diet but I began to realize there was more to it. I wanted to be stronger. I wanted someone who could come to the home so that I could fit it in with my kids. I needed to be able to deal with my knee issues—I have no cartilage in my knees. 15 years ago I tried aerobics but it was too jarring on my knees. I couldn’t find anything that I liked. That’s when I found Home Bodies online.e I found that once I started losing weight I was able to move a little bit better I was able to find things I liked with my trainer Kim’s guidance. I do mud races every month now! I did a half marathon in September. A year ago someone if told me I would have run this I would have thought them to be insane! To fit in my workout I need to be out the door around 4:15am with flashlight. I get it done no matter what!

“It is not selfish to take the time to take care of yourself. I have been there. For the first 20 years of being a mom I didn’t do it. I was always doing something for the kids. Well, I finally realized that want to be there to be able to doing something for the kids. It’s not a given. Also, I need to set the example for how to do live healthfully.”

One trick I use is to buy a gift certificate for a store that I can’t fit into. This motivates me. I keep in my purse so I keep my eyes on the prize. If I get in a pinch without something to eat I’ll order a plain grilled chicken breast at McDonalds. It takes them awhile to figure out that I don’t want the bun! Sometimes it’s just as fast to run into the grocery store to pick up slices of turkey, tomato, and a water bottle. There is no excuse! I used to have a couple of pieces of toast and a couple of eggs for breakfast. The smell of my husband cooking these things gives me and my trainer a good laugh in the morning while we work out. I have plain fat free Greek yogurt or egg whites for breakfast now. 

I’ve figured out how to set a little bit of movement into little bits of time. Rather than sit while my kids are at their activities I go outside for some walking or hiking. I do little bits of exercises at home. I am pretty much always in workout clothes so that it’s easy to fit something in real quick. I’ve lost 39 lbs. in just under a year. I really have changed so much and I want these to be forever changes. I don’t mind if I am going a little bit slower than some. I’m bringing my family with me. My kids are making healthier choices. I call us: Team WOW. We are all Working On Wellness. I don’t deprive them of all treats, but I am teaching them moderation and balancing out exercise with mostly healthy food choices.

My trainer Kim is very easygoing. She understands my sense of humor and I ‘fire’ her at least once a session. It’s a joke between us and she doesn’t take me too seriously. She is very positive. She hasn’t pushed me beyond comfort level with my knees. She takes my concerns seriously. I needed someone that I could trust somebody to not hurt me. Kim has been that person for me.

I reside in Brookline, NH. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family and my friends. We love to entertain. I am pretty loud and love to laugh. I love to swim and kayak. Kim and I like to laugh and stay relaxed. My faith is very important to me. I love being outside. I love signing up for a race, mud or otherwise! Both of my parents passed away from cancer. That really made me start thinking about my health. I will turn something bad into a new beginning for me and my 8 children."

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personal training brookline nh

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