Personal Trainer Ashland MA Client Spotlight: Meet Melissa Turco

"Having a trainer has been more wonderful than I ever expected! I didn't know the first thing about strength training and was thrilled to know it was something I could easily incorporate into my home gym and see results."

If you in search of a personal trainer in Ashland MA, look no further! Home Bodies has got you covered. Let's hear from Melissa Turco about her experience.

"I was active in dance and tennis throughout my childhood, but didn’t do much for exercise during my college years. I started taking aerobics classes at a local gym in Somerville after college when I realized I had gained weight and was having trouble keeping it off. Then I started medical school--and all forms of exercise went out the window! I joined a gym when I started residency and used the elliptical or bike as regularly as possible.

personal trainer ashland maMelissa has fallen in love with home workouts!

In an attempt to keep my weight from slowly creeping up any further, I purchased an elliptical machine and treadmill for my home and tried to get myself to use those but found myself making excuses to avoid them. Instead, I would just sit around on the couch and watch TV. Being a single mom with a crazy work schedule, I couldn't do the usual gym thing and was bored with my options at home.

I didn't know how to do anything other than my cardio workouts. I thought finding a personal trainer would help motivate me by showing me different home workouts. I choose Home Bodies for personal training because I just couldn't find a time in my day to get to the gym. Most gyms offer childcare during the daytime hours, but not in the evening when I would actually need it, so that made joining a gym impossible. I thought a personal trainer might be able to help me get focused again and challenge me with different workouts than what I was able to come up with on my own and which clearly weren't working for me.

I did a search for at-home personal training and found Home Bodies.
I read the website and realized it was exactly what I was looking for. I met with my trainer the following week and have been working with her for over a year now.

Having a trainer has been more wonderful than I ever expected! I didn't know the first thing about strength training and was thrilled to know it was something I could easily incorporate into my home gym and see results. Kathryn has been so supportive and encouraging. I feel like I have my own personal cheerleader! 

My initial goal was to learn to love exercise--until I realized that was not the most realistic goal! As a result, I made it my goal to tone and shape my body and hopefully lose weight. I knew I was getting there when I bought a strapless dress for a wedding over the summer and felt comfortable with my arms exposed! 

My trainer has me doing cardio 5x/week and strength training 3x/week. I love that she tailors my workouts to my areas of concern and that I can see results. I feel great! I love that my trainer is so supportive and challenges me to do more. In the actual sessions, she monitors my form and pushes me to work hard but without making me feel stupid or lazy. I love that she always checks in with me between sessions and offers words of encouragement to keep me going. I also appreciate how flexible she is with our schedule because my work/home schedule is often difficult to alter. 

I was doing Weight Watchers when I started working out with my trainer so opted to stick with their program. I have since stopped and have been following a healthy eating plan on my own but gladly take suggestions/recommendations from Kathryn. I have lost both inches and pounds, my clothes fit better, I am more confident and I feel stronger. I have more energy to do my daily activities and I almost look forward to working out now! 

If you are thinking about using a trainer but haven't made the commitment yet, give it a try! It's intimidating at first but it's amazing how good it will make you feel. You learn a lot about your abilities and will find yourself challenging yourself to do more. Even if you just try it to add some variety to your workouts, as I did, it's worth it! 

I currently live in Ashland where I also grew up. I have lived in Somerville and Boston as well as Chicago. 
I am an obstetrician/gynecologist in Framingham, and live in Ashland MA. I love to shop, cook, hang out with friends and family, play with my daughter, and watch the Patriots and the Red Sox. It is so much fun shopping now that I can find so many fun clothes to wear and feel confident wearing them!" 

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