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If you need a personal trainer in Dover Point NH Home Bodies would love to help you just as we helped Eileen! Let's hear from Eileen about how she found her experience with using a Home Bodies trainer, and how we helped her regain her health.

Eileen enjoying personal training in Dover Point.Eileen loves the benefits of weight training for fighting osteoporosis.

"When I was told that I had been chosen the "Client of the Month" by Home Bodies, the first thought that came to my mind was that I had come a very long way in my journey. As a bit of history, eight years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the level of someone three decades older than I. My doctor recommended a combination of a bone building drug and a resistance training program. I agreed to the former but fell short on the latter. In the years that followed I continued my routine as usual which included a full-time job, time with my family and friends, and any number of short-term exercise ventures.

A year ago I ran across an ad about a personal trainer who worked with his clients one-on-one in a private gym, and I was hopeful that would be the answer for me. Although I did work out with that trainer for a few months, I recognized almost from the start that something was missing. The commitment and the results were not a fit for my needs and expectations. It was then that I went online to search for personal training sites…and Home Bodies appeared. I called Gina and explained what I was looking for and emphasized that I did not want a "fluffy" trainer. Within days I was matched up with Beth Fahey, one of Gina’s personal trainers…and Beth and I set up a meeting to discuss the possibilities.

During our conversation, I not only recognized that Beth was professional and knowledgeable about weight training and the human body, but I also had a gut feeling that she was the kind of dependable, serious trainer I had been searching for. Since I’m a pretty good judge of character, I followed my gut feeling and entered into an agreement with Home Bodies. Beth has been my personal, in-home trainer since the beginning of July, and she has never disappointed me. In fact, I have found her to be the piece of the puzzle in my life that was missing—the piece that teaches me how to strengthen my bones and muscles though weight training, the piece that keeps me motivated and educated to do safe and effective training, the piece that reassures me that my journey to become the strongest and healthiest person I can be is on track.

When Gina asked me what my main objective was in becoming involved with Home Bodies, I didn’t hesitate. I was ready to commit to a lifestyle change that would result in my becoming stronger with each passing year, one that would give me an edge as I grew older—and I felt that the Home Bodies concept of in-home, personal training was the vehicle I needed to achieve that lifestyle change. As I ponder the future, I envision my three children and four grandchildren who bring so much joy to my world…and that vision reinforces my mission to be strong in the years ahead. I know there are no guarantees in life…but I’m betting on a good run!

In my workout sessions with Beth, the focus is on weight training which I find challenging and energizing. Beyond those sessions I use my treadmill; take walks with Jake, a Golden Retriever who is my pet therapy partner; and, thanks to a dear friend, I found a new passion this summer...kayaking.

As I look into the crystal ball, I see myself continuing on the path I currently enjoy. Having a personal trainer come to my home is a gift that keeps on giving. Through Beth’s education I have come to learn that even when I am not working out, my muscles continue to strengthen. It’s a wonderful philosophy and one that has already made a difference in my life. Without any reservation, I applaud Home Bodies for their concept of in-home training which provides the motivation,convenience, professionalism and results sorely lacking in other fitness programs. As I’ve said to Gina, "I’m in it for the long haul!"

Eileen is very grateful that the Home Bodies trainers travel to Dover Point NH, and we are very grateful to have her!

Eileen Shevelin, originally from Somersworth, NH, has resided on Dover Point for the past 13 years. Four years ago she retired from a 25-year career with a leather company that will always feel like a home-away-from-home to her. Within months of retiring, she found a new mission with her Golden Retriever "nephew" Jake…as they trained and became certified through Therapy Dogs Inc., a national organization. Since that time Eileen and Jake have committed themselves to a very busy schedule of pet therapy volunteer service at Langdon Place in Dover. Her other passions in life are her poetry, some of which are published; her travels through the years, Peru being her favorite adventure trip with a very special couple; but without a doubt she considers her biggest blessings in life will always be her cherished family...and friends (furry, feathered and otherwise!)

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