Personal Trainer Bikini Competition in NH

Home Bodies personal trainers helped Erika Mingo compete and place in her very first Bikini Competition!

If you are looking for a personal trainer to prepare you for a bikini competition in NH, Home Bodies would love to help you, just as we helped Erika!

personal trainer bikini competition nhErika before
personal training bikini competition nhErika after

“Before Home Bodies I worked out at the gym (cardio, light lifting), did all sorts of fitness videos at home. I was always looking for a new way to challenge myself. I probably worked out about 5 times a week. My diet was decent, but not great, and my motivation wasn't as strong.

I choose Home Bodies for personal training because I was never truly happy with my body, in spite of all my working out. I was fed up and decided that I needed to push myself to the next level. I had some friends that started competing in bodybuilding competitions. I've always been a very focused, competitive person. I'm constantly looking to challenge myself so I decided I wanted to see how well I could do. I wanted to finally take control of my body and get in the best shape of my life. I knew I was going to need some guidance and help.

My trainer, Angela, took an honest, vested, personal interest in helping me achieve my goals. She gave me structure, helped me with my diet, and gave me the most awesome workouts that were personalized to help me do my absolute best.

When I first started, my goals were to lose weight, get toned, and compete in a bikini competition. After going to watch my first bodybuilding show, I decided that I wanted to take it to yet another level. I still wanted to do the bikini competition, but my new goal was to compete in figure competitions. For figure competitions, you need even more muscle, more tone, and less body fat. I told Angela about this new goal and she said I definitely would able to do it.

"It was so nice to have someone believe in me, be excited for me, and help me do something that I really wanted to do."

My exercise program for figure training was working out twice a day, six days a week. I would do cardio in the morning and lift weights and do abs after work. For lifting, I alternated muscle groups each day so that I wasn't working the same muscle group two days in a row. I loved each workout. I was able to challenge myself every day by trying to lift heavier weights, and run faster and further. It was great. I am in my ‘off’ season now so I am just doing yoga, pilates, and light cardio. I'm not going to start training hard core for competitions again until January.

I really enjoy my sessions with Angela. She's intelligent, encouraging, positive, outgoing, and extremely knowledgeable in health and fitness. Angela and I really ‘clicked.’ We have very similar personalities, interests, and hobbies. She is an awesome trainer and a truly great person.

I have been more than satisfied with Angela. Without her, I would not have done nearly as well as I did in my competitions and I would not be in the best shape of my life. She went out of her way to help me reach my goals and she helped me realize that my goal of competing wasn't some silly dream. I'm very grateful to have her.

Angela helped me with my diet. I needed some guidance and she helped me determine an appropriate caloric intake and suggested some alternate meal and snack options. The diet improvements lead to me feeling better and healthier. I lost weight (19lbs), have more energy, more confidence, I'm healthier, happier, and for the first time in my life I'm truly happy with my body.

Competing takes a great deal of focus, determination and willpower. However, it is also very fun and rewarding. If you are thinking about it, don't ever sell yourself short, don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something you want to do, don't ever give up and your dream can become a reality.

I grew up in Pennsylvania and earned my PhD in Physics. I am an engineer and now live in NH. I enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, snow skiing, snow shoeing, exercising, and now bodybuilding. I couldn't have done this without the love, encouragement and support of my husband, Andy. My healthy eating and exercise have rubbed off on him. His diet has dramatically changed for the better. He's exercising more and he is losing weight too!”

Looking for a personal trainer to prepare you for a bikini competition? Home Bodies would LOVE to help.

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