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in home personal trainer boston area

personal trainer boston: HOME BODIES Provides in home personal training to boston and it's suburbs, as well as locations in Nh and maine

Home Bodies is an elite group of personal trainers based out of the Greater Boston area. We are confident enough to Guarantee your fitness and weight loss success or your money back!

hear from a client who started working with us when she commuted into boston every day. she has lost 40 pounds with home bodies!

Home Bodies started as a Greater Boston personal training company. We currently serve most areas in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

Home Bodies specializes in providing in-home fitness coaching, consulting, program design, and personal training services that allow clients to achieve better results working out at home than they would working out at the gym - all with minimal equipment required! We have many clients who commute into Boston for work, and at the end of a long day the last thing they want to do is go to a gym. We also have many stay at home moms that have trouble breaking away to work out. No matter what your struggle, we've got you!

How Does This Work?

personal trainer boston

Your Home Bodies personal trainer will design a program to help you reach - and even more importantly maintain - your fitness goals. We utilize resistance training, cardiovascular training, functional training, and flexibility and mobility techniques  as needed. Our short but effective routines can fit into any lifestyle. We also provide diet and supplement advice as it relates to exercise and your goals.

We can meet with you just once to design a program for you, or we can meet with you on a regular basis at a frequency of your choosing for personal training sessions during which you perform a workout and will also have your workout routine updated to ensure continued progress and results.

What Makes Home Bodies different?

personal training boston

There are many reasons why Home Bodies in home fitness training is taking the Greater Boston fitness scene by storm...

Here are the FOUR REASONS WHY Home Bodies
sets itself apart from the rest:

1. All Home Bodies trainers not only have extensive education and hands-on experience, but they also have a passion for fitness. Home Bodies Trainers love to help people and truly CARE about you and your success. As long as you are willing to keep training, your trainer WILL NOT rest until you've achieved your goals. Home Bodies is one of the only groups of fitness professionals in the industry who have the guts to stand behind their advice with a Money-Back Guarantee.

2. Gina Paulhus, owner of Home Bodies and published author, monitors the progress of all clients under the "Home Bodies" umbrella. This means you will have two highly qualified trainers assisting you in your development. Everyone knows that two heads are better than one! Gina Paulhus is an expert in the field. She has spent years researching fitness and nutrition and has worked directly with thousands of individuals during her 24 years of experience in the field. All of the Home Bodies Trainers have been working in the health and wellness field for a minimum of four years, and some for as many as thirty years. Gina is a master at troubleshooting if something isn't working well for you. We have never had a problem we couldn't solve or a client we couldn't help at Home Bodies! 

3. We hold all clients to our own high standards. That means that we won't let you let yourself down. We will never ask you to do something you are not ready to do, but we simply will not stand for people giving a halfhearted effort. Our high standards ensure the success of all our clients: Click here to read what our clients have to say about Home Bodies. 

4. You NEVER have to purchase a package or sign a long-term contract to work with us. There are NO "initial membership" fees and no deposits required.

Click here for a full list of Benefits of training with Home Bodies, providing in home personal trainers to the Greater Boston area and beyond.

Personal Training Boston MA

ok, that all sounds great. But What Are The Rates?

Because we don't know exactly what you need from us without talking to you first, it is impossible for us to give you a rate without getting more information. Once we know exactly what you are looking to achieve, we can design a plan to help you reach your goal, and we can provide rates for those services. In general, our rates are between $80 and $110 per visit. You will find that our trainers offer by far more value for our visits than the average personal trainer because we teach you things you can use your entire life - the information you've learned doesn't just go away when you end your gym membership, for example.

What's The First Step to getting started?

personal trainer boston areaGina can help you find a workout plan that is sustainable and that fits into your life with ease.

If you are interested in finding out more our services, fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Please be assured: You will be under no obligation to purchase personal training, and you will never be pressured. We are on your side - we are looking to help you find a solution to your problem - nothing more. We will give our best advice free of charge, even if it means recommending you to another personal training company! We never add email addresses to any type of list without your permission.

Home Bodies Personal Training

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