Concerned about personal training costs? Hiring a Personal Trainer doesn't have to break the bank.

When thinking about personal training costs, it's important that you look at the real costs of having (or not having) a personal trainer.

I get it - thinking about personal training costs can be scary. Personal training does tend to cost a lot per hour, but when compared to what you receive from it and the amount of money you save by becoming healthier, hiring a trainer really is a no-brainer!

personal training costs are totally worth it for ChuckOnce you know more about what in home personal training costs, you will have an easier time deciding if it's right for you.

How much money have you spent...

  • Buying weight loss books and diet magazines?
  • Downloading paid apps that you don't use for long?
  • Joining gyms you barely went to?
  • Buying special foods or weight loss supplements?
  • Joining weight loss groups or programs?
  • Buying new clothes because things don't fit?
  • Buying clothes that you think you will fit into, but it never ends up happening?
  • Going to doctors, chiropractors, or physical therapists for pain and health concerns?

Your Home Bodies trainer can put an end to all of that! By getting to the root of the problem, you'll be able to consolidate your spending on the things that really matter when it comes to your success.

Home Bodies has plans to fit all budgets.

personal training fees are a wise investment to learn the form on strength trainingPersonal training fees vary depending on how frequently you need the service.

What Does a Session Include?

Unlike most personal trainers who work out with you but don't leave you with a solid plan to follow when you're on your own, at Home Bodies you will always receive assignments to help you stay focused when you're not with the trainer. Every client receives a full workout plan as well as lifestyle and diet recommendations if desired. 

Each training session includes:

  • Your exact exercise prescription
  • Your own personal form tips to ensure you get the most out of the moves
  • A YouTube link for each movement so you can watch again how the exercise is done
  • Check ins from the trainer in between visits

Home Bodies Rates for working with Gina Paulhus, Owner of Home Bodies

personal training per month

Budget: $115 as a one-time fee*
We can design an exercise and nutrition plan for you, and teach you how to adapt it as you gain fitness. You can return for follow-ups on your own time as needed.

Budget: $230 for a month
We can work with you every other week for one month to help you get a great jump start to your fitness with a new plan customized just for you. You'll walk away with a more comprehensive plan than you could get with just one visit.

Budget: $660 per month: 
We can work with you once a week each month to help you form the habits that lead to lasting success. You'll enjoy more variety in your fitness plan as well as that extra level of accountability.

Budget: $920 per month: 
We can work with you twice per week each month in order to provide that extra level of support that really helps when you are struggling or have a complex situation.

Go here to request a Price Quote and check trainer availability.

*These rates are for video call sessions over Zoom/Facetime or for in person sessions in certain locations. Extra travel for the trainer will mean the price increases. For a complete Price Quote for all areas of in home service Go Here.

Home Bodies Rates working with Another Home Bodies Trainer

Rates for working with other Home Bodies trainers start at $85/1 hour in home session. Fees may increase depending on amount of travel required of your trainer. Request a Price Quote if you'd like to pursue scheduling some sessions or if you'd like exact pricing.

gina paulhus corrective exercise

Not ready to hire a personal trainer just yet? No problem.

alternative to affording personal trainingIf you are having trouble affording personal training and need an alternative, getting the Change Your Weighs book is the next best thing.

If personal training costs are still a bit too high for you to swing right now, you can gain access to my best tips developed by over 20 years of working as a personal trainer in my new book, Change Your Weighs. It's a great place to start if you're looking to improve your health and fitness.

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