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home bodies fitness programs, gina paulhus fitness programsAll of our trainers have over a decade of experience with in home personal training.

Home Bodies fitness programs are here to save you from the fitness struggle.

You know that feeling all too well...you realize you should work out, but you just don't know where to start - and quite honestly, you're not sure you have the energy. Part of you isn't sure if looking and feeling great are in the cards for you anymore. Perhaps it's too late, and you're too far gone.

Hold up! Don't give up on yourself so soon!

Home Bodies Fitness Programs by Gina Paulhus will help you achieve the body and the health you've always wanted with a home exercise routine. Our realistic and sustainable routines will get better results for you than you'd get at the gym - Guaranteed! Check out the following options we have for Home Fitness Programs: we have plans for all goals and budgets

You can also schedule a Free 15-Minute Phone or Video Consultation to help you decide which program might be the best fit for you. Schedule your call here.

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  • Whether you are an advanced athlete or a brand-new beginner, Home Bodies welcomes you!
  • We can work with you on a session-by-session basis 
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gina tiffany chair bridgeThere is nothing like having a trainer to help pace your session and ensure you are maintaining correct form.

Nutrition Consultations

A Certified Nutritionist who is also a Certified Personal Trainer can meet with you to go over what you are eating now and what changes you might be able to make help bring you further along in your health and fitness goals. Having a plan that is based off of your current reality works a lot better than you trying to overhaul things entirely with something like a Whole30 approach. It's just so much more realistic and more likely to work in the long term.

If you just don't understand why you can't lose weight or you just don't understand why you have no energy, this Consultation will be invaluable. Unresolved pain or physical symptoms such as insomnia are other common reasons to book consultations. We work with a lot of women in menopause or perimenopuase, too. Your plan comes with a complete week of meals ideas. We offer follow-up appointments on an as-needed basis.

nutritionist form new habits
nutritionist form new habits

New! We Offer a 6 Week Nutrition Reset Online Program.

Yes! I want to Reset My Nutrition Now.

In Person In-Home 1 on 1 Personal Training 

In-home personal training includes exercise program design and, if desired, nutrition advice to help you achieve your goals in the most convenient, enjoyable and efficient way possible. In-home personal training also offers that extra motivation and accountability piece because you will be meeting with your trainer on a regular basis for workouts and program updates. The most popular option is once per week visits from your trainer which means you exercise on your own in between. Lots of folks choose the every-other-week meeting as well. Learn more about in-home Personal Training with Home Bodies, currently offered in MA, NH and  Maine. For more info about personal training specifically in Massachusetts go Here.

woman receiving online personal trainingThe same services we have always offered in-home are now available via video call!
testimonial home personal training
testimonial home personal training

Most Popular - Video Call Personal Training Sessions and Packages

We offer the same experience of the 1 on 1 workout and exercise program design offered in your home - but done over video to offer you a savings on per-session cost as well as provide more flexibility on days and times to meet! We have been conducting sessions over video calls for the past 5 years, and clients who have experienced both in person as well as video note that there is no difference in terms of results. Video call packages include weekly programming updates and the ability to ask your trainer any questions that arise. Go here for Price Quotes for individual sessions or sets of sessions, and here for Special Online-Only Packages.

zoom personal training
zoom personal training

The 30-Minute Workout 

If you are strapped for time, the 30-minute workout is a good solution. Perfect for beginning exercisers or those getting back into exercise after a long time off. Find out more about the 30-Minute Workout on Zoom. Go here for 30 minute workouts in person.

30 minute workouts won't leave time for the extra exercise and lifestyle coaching you'll get with the traditional 60 minute visits, but they will absolutely get you in and out of the workout fast so that you can move on with your day. You can always book a special 30 minute session if you need some of those extra tidbits you may miss out on with the 30 minute session.

home bodies in home fitnessHaving a trainer makes working out more fun AND more productive.

Couples and Small Group Personal Training

mother daughter glute bridgesPersonal training is more fun with friends and family! It's also more cost effective.

Our trainers can work with 2-4 clients at once. Whether it be a partner, a parent/child, two friend, or a small group, we are more than happy to train multiple people at once. This can be conducted over Zoom or in person. Groups will cost the same as a single personal training visit with an additional cost of $20 per person. We can invoice one member of the group or divide the cost among everyone. Request your Price Quote here and mention that you have more than one person interested.

Corrective Exercise

corrective exerciseCorrective exercise techniques helped my body heal from back pain as well as diastasis recti and two large hernias.

If you have been battling with pain and limitation during exercise, a corrective exercise session may be just what you need. We can design a plan for you based on the principles of PRI (Posture Restoration Principles) to help re-align your body and get it set up for success. Back pain, hip pain, knee pain and shoulder pain are common reasons to want a corrective exercise plan. These sessions are also great for those who have been through Physical Therapy but are still left with unresolved issues. Once you are feeling better, your trainer can then help you ease your way into a more traditional workout and you can cut your corrective exercise plan into maintenance mode. Learn more about our Corrective Exercise Personal Training.

corrective exercise personal training
corrective exercise personal training

Special Populations

Gina Paulhus fitnessThe PCES course was one of the most challenging I ever took, but also the most informative.

Prenatal Fitness - We are Certified in Pregnancy Corrective Exercise

Our prenatal fitness program is designed to help you stay in the best shape possible so that you can have a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby. Did you know that the majority of women don't meet the minimum recommended amount of exercise from their physicians during pregnancy? Programs are available for women in the first, second, and third trimester. Following them during pregnancy will increase the odds you have a smooth delivery and an easy recovery. More about why having a Prenatal Fitness Program is non-negotiable. We also have an Online 12 Week Pregnancy Workout Plan.

Postpartum Fitness - We are Certified in Postpartum Corrective Exercise

postpartum exerciseThere is no reason you can't come back better than ever after having a baby - with the right approach.

Our postpartum in-home fitness program is designed to help you safely resume physical activity once you've been cleared to do so by your physician. We know how to help your body heal and help you regain your pre-pregnancy fitness and activity level - and even surpass it if you choose. Whether you had a C-section or a vaginal birth, with or without complications - we've got you covered! And it's never too late to work on a postpartum body! No kidding - I have helped women whose children have long flown the coop. Learn more about our Postpartum Fitness Plans. We also have a 6-month Postpartum Workout Plan designed to help you be able to resume any activity you wish once again. Do not accept symptoms as "just how it is" after having a baby! Check out our article about Leaking Pee After Giving Birth (or any other time too). Many folks who haven't given birth recently, or have never given birth, still leak! There is help available.

online postpartum personal training

We are Certified in Pelvic Organ Prolapse Recovery

We are Certified in teaching Prolapse recovery exercises. In many cases, doing the exercises will mean that you don't need surgery. However, even if you do opt for surgery, the prolapse exercises will help set your body up for success to ensure you have the best healing possible. Go here for more information on our Prolapse Recovery Program.

We are Certified in Diastasis Recti Recovery

heal a diastasisI was able to heal my own diastasis recti with an overhaul of my own personal core training program.

We are Certified in teaching Diastais Recovery Exercises, whether you choose to have surgery or not. I personally have reversed a 10 cm diastasis of my own - naturally with no surgery! Go here for more information about our Diastasis Recovery Program.

We are Certified in Hernia Recovery

We are Certified in teaching Hernia Recovery Exercises, whether you have choosen to have surgery or not. I personally have reversed a severe hernia of my own - naturally with no surgery. My doctor told me it would only get worse and worse over time until I had a total abdominal wall reconstruction with mesh - and that turned out to be 100% false. Not every hernia can heal without surgery, but many can! Go here for more information about our Hernia Recovery Program.

Gymnastics Conditioning and Rehab Plans

gymnastics conditioning plans availableGymnastics is demanding, and conditioning makes all the difference!

Whether you're a parent with a child in gymnastics, a coach, or an adult gymnast, I have just the gymnastics conditioning plan for you! I was able to successfully compete as a level 8 adult gymnast in my 30s without a lot of talent but a whole lot of heart and I know what it takes! I can help create a home or gym-based conditioning program - either from scratch or to supplement what you're already doing. Learn more about the Gymnastics Conditioning Plans.

We also offer corrective exercise programs for gymnasts with pelvic floor issues, ranging from leaking while doing skills to tightness or pain. While issues like this are extremely common for gymnasts of all ages, these consultations are also super helpful for adult gymnasts who are postpartum. See our information on Gymnasts and Pelvic Floor Health.

We have special programs available for gymnasts with diastasis recti as well. Diastasis can happen to gymnasts of all ages, but it is also extremely common postpartum. It's totally possible to resume gymnastics at the level you had been before kids in most cases - as long as you approach your return to sport correctly. See our information on Gymnasts with Diastasis Recti.

Home Exercise for Seniors

osteoporosis personal trainer

Many seniors don't like the gym or have trouble getting there. A home program is ideal because it ensures there will be obstacles in the way. Our friendly trainers provide social support, too. We also help guide the senior in eating habits and how they affect results from training as well as overall health. Find out More About Our Home Exercise Program for Seniors.

man receives exercise coachingUse an exercise coach to stay on top of your workout game.

Exercise Coaching 

Having a coach gives you extra direction and accountability, while a personal trainer's job really is simply to put you through a workout. This can be an important distinction. Our personal trainers include exercise coaching in their services, however the Exercise Coaching service takes the guidance to the next level. It's a great service for those who know what they should be doing but have trouble getting themselves to actually do it. More about our Exercise Coaching. 

Corporate Wellness Programs 

Corporate Wellness Programs by Home Bodies have risen in popularity as of late. They can help solve the healthcare crisis most companies are facing as well as increase job satisfaction and loyalty among employees. More about our Corporate Wellness Programs. 

Better Workouts E-Course - FREE Course

Our Better Workouts E-Course will be invaluable if you'd like to increase your knowledge of the best ways to work out that are based in science, not hype.

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gina paulhus personal trainerOnce you try having your own personal exercise coach, you won't know how you ever lived without it!

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