Winter Cardio Indoor Options

These winter cardio indoor options will help ensure that your fitness stays hot even while the weather is cold. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Combo HIIT

This plan blends cardio machines with core and plyometrics for a fast-paced workout that will keep you guessing. Feel free to swap the cardio modalities suggested, but maintain the intensity listed and only rest when needed for best results.

Minutes        Activity

0:00-4:00      Stationary bike moderate pace

4:00-5:00      High kneed

5:00-6:00      Knees-in planks

6:00-7:00      Speedskaters

7:00-8:00      Stabilty ball crunches

8:00-10:00    Treadmill Sprint as fast as possible

10:00-11:00  180 degree jumps

11:00-12:00   Side plank hip lift (switch sides half way thru)

12:00-13:00   Long jumps

13:00-14:00   V-ups

14:00-18:00   Stationary bike moderate pace

Total Body Blast

This works your heart, lungs and legs in an intense set not for the faint of heart. After a thorough warm-up, do each move with an all-out effort for 20 seconds, and rest 10 seconds between each move. Go through the list twice to complete it.

Exercise                Work               Rest

Mountain climbers   20 sec.           10 sec.

Burpees                 20 sec.           10 sec.

High knees            20 sec.           10 sec.

Jump Rope            20 sec.           10 sec.

repeat once more.

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