Gina Paolino's married name
is Gina Paulhus.

She is author of the book 'Mind Over Fatter' and also owner and head personal trainer of Home Bodies, an in-home personal training business serving all of New England.

Gina Paolino (married name Gina Paulhus) has 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. She has been a personal trainer for six years and has helped hundreds of clients in Massachusetts and New Hampshire get into the best shape of their lives.

Gina is the author of the weight loss book 'Mind Over Fatter': A 30-Day Overhaul of the Mindset that has Sabotaged Your Fitness and Weight Loss Success. She also publishes a monthly newsletter, 'Get Fit, Lose Fat, and Feel Fantastic.'

Gina and her team of thirteen personal trainers help clients across New England get into shape working out at home. 'Home Bodies in-home fitness training' offers exercise program design, personal training, nutrition and supplement consulting, and weight loss coaching.

Originally from Amesbury, MA, Gina currently resides in Merrimac, MA with her husband Bryan Paulhus.

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