Do I Really Need a Prenatal Exercise Personal Trainer?

Learn why having a prenatal exercise personal trainer is a super smart decision!

Why work with a prenatal exercise personal trainer?

prenatal exercise personal trainerA prenatal exercise personal trainer is your first line of defense keeping your body - and your baby - healthy and safe.
  • Prenatal exercise is safer and more effective with a personal trainer who is well-versed in prenatal exercise strategies and techniques.

  • Home Bodies in-home fitness training has certified trainers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine who are experienced and qualified to work with you on prenatal exercise.
  • Working out at home is a great solution for many pregnant women - and the good news is that you can get a highly effective prenatal workout right at home!
  • The strategies you'll learn will set your body up for success both during and after pregnancy. You'll be able to return to your preferred types of exercise much faster and much more effectively if you learn the right techniques now.

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Every pregnancy is different, and they typically don't get easier each time

Even if you have been pregnant before, it's important to realize that each pregancy can be very, very different. Oftentimes women struggle more by their second or third pregnancy. This is normal! By having an expert on your side helping you out, you will be able to minimize pain and suffering you otherwise might have had to endure. Just having a pregnancy workout trainer to bounce symptoms off of who has more time than the 5 or 10 minutes you may get with a doctor really goes a long way. We also know when it's time to refer you out to a doctor or PT. It's conforming to know someone is keeping tabs on you. We also take blood pressure at every visit to screen for any problems that may be developing.

While many women think of problems with a continued diastasis or prolapse as being postpartum issues, the groundwork can be set for these issues during pregnancy. It's so smart to get a jump start on learning how to support your body during this critical time. I'll tell you, I wish I knew about proper core control and pressure management before I developed some of the issues I did, including developing a hernia - and I would love to help you learn from my mistakes in a much less painful way!

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Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness Articles by Gina Paulhus, PCES Certified

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