Acupuncture Points for exercise recovery and injury prevention

These acupuncture points for exercise recovery and injury prevention will be your secret weapon

acupuncture points for exercise recovery

Learning acupuncture points for exercise recovery is a powerful self care tool. In this article, Bill Boylan, personal trainer and acupunturist, will share his favorite points with you to help you take care of yourself! Let's hear from Bill:

"Acupuncture is a huge part of my recovery and restoration program. Being an acupuncturist affords me the luxury of treating myself at home with great results. I also treat lots of sports injuries with acupuncture in my clinic. I see anything from sprained ankles to knees, back injuries, shoulder problems and everything in between. This is a quick how to of self treatment with acupuncture points. Press these points for 1-2 mins each up to several times a day is as needed for improved recovery from exercise or for a specific injury in the corresponding area. Listen to your body and don’t cause yourself undue pain. These points won’t undo overtraining or using poor exercise form but are a valuable tool in improving your health as well as quality of movement."

LI4- Main point for any problem of the shoulder, arm, neck, head and face. Squeeze thumb against index finger. This point is located at the center if the bulge of muscle between the metacarpals of thumb and index fingers.

BL 40- Treats any low back and Hamstring issues. This point is on the back of the leg at the crease directly behind the knee in the center.

GB 34- Main point for relaxing and healing any tight musculature. Touch the center of your knee cap, Staying level with the knee cap slide your finger to lateral (outer) part of your leg, you should now be able to draw an imaginary line down to your ankle. Now slide your finger down 2-3” on this line until you pass over a bony bump, directly beneath it is a tender depression that is GB 34

ST 36- Main point to boost energy and immune system. Now that you’ve found GB 34, slide your finger towards your shinbone. Before you get there you will run into another soft depression, ST 36.

PC6- Any tendonitis of hand or wrist. Also opens up the chest and is very good for settling exercise induced nausea. Find the crease on the inside of your wrist where it bends. About 1-1.5” away from the center of the crease on your forearm you will find a spot that may be tender or have a depression. This is the point PC6.

I hope those acupuncture points for exercise recovery serve you will! Give them a try and let us know what you think by commenting below.


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