Home Exercise Trainer for Seniors

Looking for a home exercise trainer for seniors? You're in luck. We work with seniors every day! We offer traditional 60 minute sessions and also shorter 30 or 45 minute sessions for those seniors with lower levels of stamina.

A home exercise program is ideal for many seniors, especially those who no longer drive or get tired easily. Exercise is the best gift you can give them. The biggest concern when looking at seniors is making sure form is correct and that the senior is held accountable. The social support of having a trainer also goes a long way!

home exercise trainer for seniorsOur home exercise program for seniors is wildly popular at Home Bodies. We hope you'll join us!

Home Exercise Trainer for Seniors: More Info

Our plans can focus on:

  • weight loss
  • strength building
  • endurance and stamina
  • flexibility
  • post rehabilitation from surgery or an injury
  • balance (crucial to avoid falls)
  • working around health concerns such as diabetes

It's up to you! Just tell us what you need.

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Why Hire a Home Exercise Trainer for Seniors?

home exercise personal trainer seniorsSeniors stand to benefit so greatly from a home exercise plan.

There are so many reasons that hiring a home exercise trainer for seniors can be the best thing you could do  for a senior loved one. Physical exercise is the number one way seniors can maintain their health and mobility as they age. It's been proven that a 70-80 year old who is active can be as "young" as a person 30 years younger who is inactive.

By keeping the body moving and exercising all the muscles and joints, many problems can be avoided. The human body deteriorates primarily from lack of use. An exercise plan for seniors helps prevent seniors losing the invaluable strength and muscle mass that helps prevent effects of aging. Exercise plans for seniors also improve balance and mobility, both of which help prevent falls.

To begin working with a senior, we take a detailed health inventory and make sure that the physician is consulted before we begin any work together. All of our trainers are nationally certified and are proficient in CPR. 

The gentleman above came to Home Bodies in his late 60s. By age 70 he was able to perform 7 chin-ups to celebrate his birthday. When I first began working with him, he couldn't do one. He was beginning to have difficulty with his knees while running, and while our program helped him with that at first, eventually we were able to help him transition to exercises that were gentler on his joints.

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