Home Bodies is Now Offering 30 Minute Personal Training on Zoom as well as In Person

30 Minute Personal Training Sessions on Zoom (or In Person) May be Your Fitness Answer!

Our 30 minute personal training sessions on Zoom have skyrocketed in terms of popularity as of late. Who wants to spend all day working out?!


At Home Bodies, we understand that 60 minute workouts aren't for everyone. The fact of the matter is, efficiency is lost the longer a workout goes on. By the end, are you really working as hard as you were at the beginning? Most aren't.

With 30 minute workouts, you are forced to stay focused and efficient during your workout - and you can still accomplish a full body workout in that time frame when it's smartly designed by an expert trainer.

Other Benefits of the 30 Minute Workout on Zoom

30 minute personal training session zoomYou'd be amazed at how effective 30 minute workouts can be!

One of the benefits of a 30 minute workout on Zoom is that scheduling conflicts are less likely to get in the way. And, let's face it - during the pandemic, any time we can accomplish something from the comfort of our home, it's a true win!

I find that, quite often, clients are able to be more consistent when they have 30 minute workouts versus 60 minute ones - and because of that, the 30 minute clients get into better shape faster!

The 30 minute workout is also more affordable, meaning that you will be able to meet with your trainer more often for the same price! I have many clients who love their 30 minute workouts, and I bet you will, too!

Hear from one of our clients who has done her 30 minute personal training sessions with us on Zoom as well as in person:

zoom 30 minute personal training

"One of my primary objectives was to regain my strength. I particularly wanted to be able to navigate stairs the way I used to and build stamina. I am also at the age where I really can’t take risks with my health anymore.

And I knew that losing weight should help my bad knees, so that was a goal, too. I was pleased to find that I could fit Gina’s program in from 5:30 to 6:00 am, which is pretty much all the time I have on workdays for formal exercise.

I work out on my own Monday through Thursday morning—using a program customized specifically for me—and Gina checks in with me and watches my workout on Thursday evening, so I get to take Friday through Sunday off. Gina adjusts my form to make sure I get the most out of the exercises. I now realize that I probably had terrible form when I exercised on my own all those years."

Betsy Amsel, Georgetown, MA

If 30 minute personal training sessions via Zoom, Facetime or in person (in select locations) interest you, please fill out the form below and let us know! The rate is $90 per Zoom visit, which includes homework assignments as well as a plan complete with form tips and video links!

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