The Powerblock Personal Trainer Set is a Great Choice.

Learn why I recommend purchasing a powerblock personal trainer set if you are in need of free weights for your home workout.

For men or for strong females I recommend a powerblock personal trainer set if you are looking for a way to perform strength training exercises at home without taking up a ton of space or spending unnecessary amounts of money. Learn why the powerblock personal trainer set is a great choice below.

Pros of buying the Powerblock Personal Trainer Set

  • This set provides dumbbells in the range of 5 to 50 lb.
  • The weight is quickly and easily adjustable by moving the pin. It takes about 2 seconds to do, compared to if you had twist on and twist off adjustable free weights which can take minutes to change out.
  • It replaces a set of dumbbells that contain 2 of each of the following: 5 lb. weights, 10 lb., 15 lb., 20 lb., 25 lb., 30 lb., 35 lb., 40 lb., 45 lb., and 50 lb. That's 10 sets of dumbbells that will have in the space of one set! It also tends to cost a lot less to buy the one set of powerblocks as opposed to the 10 sets of free weights.
  • They are relatively easy to transport if you have a second home, if you want to work out outside, or if you're a fitness professional who needs to bring weights in the car with you.
  • They last a LONG time. My first set lasted well over 15 lbs. until they began to rust. However, I left them in my car all those years which probably wasn't the best thing to do! However, if I wanted to keep using them with the minimal rust they would have been fine. I doubt the rust would have happened if I kept them indoors. So they basically last forever :)

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Cons to buying the Powerblock Personal Trainer Set

  • Rather than purchase dumbbells one at a time as you get stronger, you will have to put out all the money upfront.
  • Some people prefer a rounded dumbbell as opposed to the rectangular shape of these dumbbells.
  • Some people prefer to not have to adjust their weights at all, and would rather have a large rack with all of their dumbbell sizes already ready to go.

Purchase your Powerblock Personal Trainer Set today

You can order your own set of Powerblocks right here:

If you're not quite ready for the set that goes up to 50 lb., you can always start with the sport block pair that goes up to 24 lb. for each hand:

I will tell you, as a personal trainer, I own powerblocks myself and I always recommend them to clients! Every one of my clients who have gone ahead and purchased them absolutely loves them! I can't recommend powerblocks highly enough.

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