Finding a Purely Online Postpartum Workout with no 1:1 live guidance isn't the safest thing given that every woman's  pregnancy and body is different.

The good news is that, with just one session with a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, you will be able to confidently resume workouts and rebuild your fitness once again!

We offer online postpartum workout design where you never have to leave home.

If you're interested in finding an online postpartum workout that will help you regain your prepregnancy form, you've come to the right place! And that's because it's critical that you understand cookie-cutter online postpartum workout plans are not a good idea.

online  postpartum workoutAs a pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist, Gina Paulhus can work with you online to develop your postpartum workout plan.

As a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, I have your  best interest at heart when revealing this information to you.

You see, I personally have had a couple of emergency abdominal surgeries that became infected. At the time, I didn't know how to rehab my core around  these issues, and I just did best I could. And guess what? I ended up developing a severe hernia. After going  though that experience, I looked far and wide for the best techniques to heal the abdomen after traumas and stressors of any kind - one of them being pregnancy! Along the way, I learned a ton about prolapse and leaking, too. I eventually became certified in pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise so that I could help others who felt just as lost as I did.

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If you don't take the time to learn the best core and pelvic floor moves for your particular body and your particular situation, you could be setting yourself up for non-optimal healing and going through way more stress, pain and  anxiety than you ever should have to. Learn from my mistakes - do this right the first time! Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should...yet :)

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There are as many different postpartum bodies as there are women. By performing an analysis of your posture and going over your symptoms and how you're feeling, I can craft the perfect postpartum plan for you. We will run through your online postpartum workout together, and from there you can work out on your own with follow-ups as needed!

For some women, the exercise prescription postpartum is the exact opposite of what is it for another woman. That's why we can't do cookie-cutter with this topic.

To give you an example, one woman could have a super tight pelvic floor postpartum, while another might have a loose pelvic floor. The two women are going to need entirely different cuing on how to perform exercises and also will need different exercises altogether in some cases. In situations like this, following pre-made generic online postpartum workout plans would be a huge mistake.

There are so many different scenarios to consider. One women might have had a C-section. Another might have come into her pregnancy with back pain, while a third might have developed back pain for the first time during her pregnancy. Another woman might have Symphesis Pubis Dysfunction. Still another could be dealing  with SI issues. Whether or not you're breastfeeding matters, too. Do you see why a list of online postpartum workout ideas isn't going  to hit the mark for all of these different women?

We can help with specific programs if you have been diagnosed or suspect you have a diastasis or prolapse.

And if you had an easy-breezy pregnancy, then all the better! We will be able to snap you back into pre-pregnancy shape - or even better if you so desire - that much quicker with a smartly designed postpartum workout plan.

Simply doing kegals or binding your abdomen barely scratch the surface of what the average postpartum woman needs - and in some cases can be the exact opposite of what your body really needs. Don't settle, and don't be brushed off that it's all normal after giving birth.  This is your one and only body! It's worth it to take the time to learn what you need to know to not only regain function, but to surpass your prepregancy shape if you so choose and desire!

I'm also a Certified Nutritionist, so if you like we can include discussion of your postpartum nutrition needs to help support your workout plan. Tackling this beast from all angles is for sure the fastest way to get to the desired outcome!

Schedule a Free 15-Minute Discovery Call on My Calendar. Check out our 6 month postpartum workout plans here.

I worked core rehab as a student for a year and a half before enrolling in the pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise course, which was run by two Doctors of Physical therapy. Not only did I spent countless hours in the course material and lectures, but I also have had the opportunity to practice my skills both on myself as well as on others. I've been working with women since the late 1990s. I am confident I can help you with all of your postpartum needs!

Postpartum is the absolute worst time to be cutting corners.

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Did you know that postpartum issues can affect a woman for her entire life when left untreated? Even a pregnancy that occurred decades ago can leave its mark, and you DON’T have to settle for, “this is just the way it is after having kids.”

By taking the time to work through specially designed corrective exercise, you will be able to progress with your fitness that much faster and better! Those who jump ahead and try to work out exactly as they did pre-kid are the ones who end up experiencing setbacks. All of this is preventatable with a little education from a postpartum expert like myself.

I am trained in being able to help you though a live video call format or through in person work. And the great news is, the video method1 has been proven to be just as successful for many women as in person options – so no worries if you are interested in services online!

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Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness Articles by Gina Paulhus, PCES Certified

Are you intrigued about getting an online postpartum workout? Don't be shy. 

If you would like more information on what I might be able to do for you, feel free to reach out! I offer a Free 15 minute Discovery Call where we can discuss your situation and I can give you an honest assessment of how you may (or may) not benefit from what I have to offer! We offer plans that you can do on your own as well as online postpartum workout personal training visits.

You can also request a Price Quote below. We offer sessions over Zoom, Facetime or in person in select locations. I promise I can give you tremendous value helping you along in your postpartum journey with just one session!

We also have 6 month postpartum workout plans that include online video workout content with some additional one-on-one guidance, structure and customization. Learn more.

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1 Evaluation of self-administered tests for pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy. Monika Fagevik Olsén, Helen Elden & Annelie Gutke. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders volume 15, Article number: 138 (2014)

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