Foam Rolling Stretching Videos

Full Routines of Foam Rolling Stretching

foam rolling stretchingThese videos will get you foam rolling with confidence!

Our foam rolling stretching videos will help teach you proper technique for using your foam roller. The foam roller can help your muscles feel better if they are sore or stiff. It's a form of self myo-fascial release and can be used as a warm-up, a cool-down or during a recovery day.

It's best to generally take 6-10 passes over a specific spot before moving on. More is not better! However, you may try rolling multiple times throughout the day as long as you stick to the 6-10 passes per body part per session.

Individual Body Parts

Active Ball Release Scapula

Banded Ankle Mobility

Breathing Into Front Chest Wall

Chest and Upper Back Ball Release

Facedown Pillow Breathing

Foam Rolling Your Back

Foam Rolling IT Band

General Muscle Release with a Ball and also with Movement

Iliacus Pullback Reset

IT Band Roller Release

Neck Isometric

Peanut Balls General Spine Release

Pelvic Floor Release Work with Ball

Piriformis on Roller

Rib Smash

Rib Smash Different for Different Sides


Roll Calfs with Ball

Rolling Front Pockets with a Foam Roller

Rolling Glutes with a Ball

Scapula Glides with Small Ball

Serratus Release Plus Rotator Cuff

Shoulder Girdle Rolls

Shoulder Internal Rotation on Back

Sidelying Chest Opener

Sidelying Rib Mobility

Skin Cupping and Gliding

Skin Lifting

Skin Rolling

Taping #1 for Diastasis

Thoracic Active Mobilization Elbows Up

Tennis Balls in Sock Individual Vertabrae Release

Thoracic Spinal Presses in Isolation

Thoracic Spine Passive with Peanut Ball

Upper Body Rolling

Wall Walkouts for Shoulder Mobility

Wipe Wall for Scapula Mobility