Flexibility Videos

flexibility videosThese flexibility videos will allow you to stretch with confidence that you are doing everything correctly!

Check out these flexibility videos to make sure your form is on point! All videos are Home Bodies form-approved. You are much better off working off these than trying to follow random people on YouTube :)

Full length stretch routines

Individual stretches

Active Child's Pose

Active Hamstring Release

Active One Arm Thread Needle

Airplane Hold with Breathing

Airplane Rotations Close Kickstand Leg

Alternating Childs Pose Reaches

Arch Back Over Ball Stretch

Banana Stretch Over Bosu

Band Deadlift Drill

Basic Child's Pose

Bent Arm Across Body Stretch

Bent Elbow Arm Across Body Stretch

Bent Knee Calf Stretch

Bent Over Pigeon Pose

Big Toe Out and Over

Breathing into Back and Sides Daily Life

Breathing into Back Using a Ball


Butterfly Bounces

Butterfly Forward Fold

Calf Stretching

Capsule Stretch on Floor

Cat Cow

Chair Quad Stretch

Chest and Shoulder Opener Touch Shoulder

Chest Foam Roller Opener on Back

Chest and Neck Stretch

Chest Opener in Standing with Head Turn

Chest Opener 90 degrees

Chest/Psoas Opener

Chest Stretch with Head Turn

Chest Stretch 90 Degrees on Wall

Child's Pose Arms Back with Props

Child's Pose with Props

Diagonal Chest/Tricep Stretch

Elevated Thread the Needle with Foam Roller

Extended Grapevine Arms

External Rotation Hip Stretch on Book

Facedown Floor Angels

Floor Angels on Back

Foot Against Wall Bent Leg Calf Stretch

Forward Bending Each Side to It's Own

Frog Stretch

Full Squat Breathing

Full Squat Holding Counter

Full Squat Holding Post

Full Squat Stretch

Gentle Standing Hip Flexor Opener

Glute Stretch in Chair

Goalpost Single Arm Chest Opener

Grab Elbows Back Tractioner

Grapevine Beginner

Grapevine on Back Elbows Up

Half Moon Hip Flexor Stretch

Hands and Knees Rockback

Happy Baby

Happy Baby Wide Legs

Hip and Spine Pretzel Reset

Hip Capsule Stretch

Hip Flexor on Block w/ Drag and Reach

Hip Flexor Release with Washcloth

Hip Flexor Stretch Beginner Version

Hip Flexor Stretch Standing

Hip Flexor with Tricep Stretch

Hip Flexor Wrist Circles

Hip Internal Rotation w/ Shoulder Assistance

Hip Twist Leg Weighted Passive Opener

Hips 90/90 Mobility w/ Movement

Hips and Low Back Staircase Opener

Iliacus Pullbacks

Improving Deep Squat

Interlaced Fingers Eyes to Ceiling

IT Band Opposites Standing Stretch

Knee Across Body Stretch

Knee to Chest Stretch Single Side

Knee to Chest 3 Ways

Knee to Wall Lunge Inner Thigh Opener

Kneeling Hip Flexor

Kneeling Lat Stretch

Kneeling Psoas stretch

Kneeling Thoracic Arch Back

Lat Stretch Hand on Top Hips to Side with Counter

Lat Stretch Pulses using counter

Lat Stretch with stick

Lopsided Breathing

Lopsided Breathing 2

Low Back and Hamstring Opener in Standing

Low Shift Squat

Low Squat Hold on Toes

Mermaid Side Opener

Mindfulness Hip Hinge

Modified Child's Pose Tight Ankles

Nape of Neck Warmup

Neck and Jaw Release

Neck Relief

Neck Stretch Jaw to Side

One Leg Butterfly Stretch

Overhead Breathing

Overhead Breathing Bent Legs Higher Surface

Overhead Breathing Higher Surface

Palms to Ceiling

Piriformis Stretch on Floor


Posterior Hip Hikes

Posterior Hip Opener with Leg Abduction

Prayer Hands stretch

Pretzel Legs Resisted

Pretzel on Back

Psoas Stretch on Hands

Quad and IT Band Stretch

Quad and Shoulder Stretch in One

Quad Stretch on Floor

Quad Stretch Standing Up

Quad Stretch 90 Degrees Leg on Chair

Ragdoll in Middle

Ragdoll Shoulder Opener

Resisted Happy Baby


Rotating Calf Stretch on the Wall

Seated Breathing into Back and Side

Seated Capsule Stretch

Seated Head to Knee

Seated Pancake

Seated Piriformis Beginner

Seated Piriformis in Chair

Seated Spinal Twist

Seated Supinated Block Squeeze with Reach

Shoulder and Tricep Opener

Shoulder Blade Stretch with Roller and Band

Shoulder Girdle Rolls

Shoulder Opener with a Stick

Side Breathing Sitting on Heels

Side Stretch Over Ball

Sidelying Thoracic Mobility with theory

Sidelying Thoracic Mobilization

Sidelying Thoracic Opener with Roller extended arm

Sidelying Thoracic Opener touch shoulder

Sit on Heels

Split Stance and Legs Forward Bar Hang - Beginner Bar Hang Tips

Soleus Wall Stretch


Spinal Twist in Sitting

Standing Quad Stretch

Standing Forward Fold

Standing Neck Circles

Standing Straddle

Standing Straddle Rainbow Arm

Standing Up Tricep Stretch

Straight Arm Wall Chest Opener

Standing IT Band Stretch

Standing Psoas Stretch

Stretch Back Over Ball

Stick Cat Cow

Stick Side Stretch

Super Cat Stretch

T Chest Opener Roller

Tennis Balls in a Sock Back Release

Tented Childs Pose

Testing Out and Working on 360 Breathing

Thoracic Opener in Chair

Thorax Rotation Opener with Bent Elbow

Thread the Needle

Thread Needle w/ Pronation and Supination of Hand

Tibial Internal Rotation Drill hands on

Tip of Tongue on Roof of Mouth Stretch

Toe Pulls

Touch Shoulder Tricep Stretch for Bridge

Touch Shoulders Upper Back Stretch

Tree Pose

Tricep and Internal Rotation

Tricep Stretch Doorframe

Tricep Stretch in the Chair

True Hip Flexor Stretch

Twisting with Crossed Legs

Upper Hamstring Loosener

Wall Serratus Breathing

Wall Walk for Bridge

Wall Walks for Shoulder Mobility

Wall Walks 2 Step for Shoulder Mobility

Warrior Pose

Wall Angels

Wrist Flexion and Extension Finger Stretch

Y Lifts Towel Roll

Yoga Block Sitting Hugging Knees

90/90 Sitting for Hips

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