Good Leg Workouts at Home

These Home Workout Leg Exercises aren't easy to master - check out our videos to help with your form!

good leg workouts at home

These moves all can be incorporated into good leg workouts at home to help you build strength in your legs and glutes. Here are some videos of good leg workouts at home that you can mix and match as needed!

Abduction Post Squat with Double Breath


Alternating Toe Lifts

Bear Crawls

Bent Leg Calf Raise

Bodyweight Squats

Bodyweight Squats Toes Out

Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian Split Squat Bodyweight

Calf Raise and Shin Lifts on Stairs

Chair Squat Wide Feet

Double Dumbbell Calf Raise

Double Dumbbell Kettlebell Squat/Swing

Double Dumbbell Squat

Double Leg Straps Hamstring Curls

Downward Dog Double Leg Calf Raise

Downward Dog Single Leg Calf Raise

Downward Dog Single Leg Calf Raise 2

Dumbbell Calf Raise

Dumbbell Deadlift

Dumbbell Squat

Facedown Flutter Kicks

Finding Big Toe

Full Squat Heels Elevated

Glute Bridge Hold w/ Fly

Glute Bridge squeezing roller heels elevated

Glute Max Squat Isometric with Loop

Goblet Squat

Hamstring Curls Squeezing Block

Hamstring Curls with block using different hand positions

Hamstring Isometric Arch on Chair

Hamstring Push- ups

Hands and Knees Hips

Heel Walking

Heels Elevated Hip Thrusts

Hip Hinging Basics

Hip Lifts Heels on Chair

Hip Shift with Ball

Hip Stars

Hip Thrust

Hover Hands and Knees into Down Dog

Inner Thigh and Glute Lift on Floor

Inner Thigh Leg Lift

Kettlebell squat/swing

Leg Curl to Flat Feet

Leg Curl with slider

Leg Curl w/ Hip Extension with Stability Ball

Loop Squat Butt to Chair

Lunge with Horizontal Pull

Offset Kettlebell Squats

One-Leg Dumbbell Stiff-Leg Deadlift

Pause Squats

Prone Single Leg Heel Drive with Band

Pushback Lunges

Reverse Lunge Alternating

Reverse Lunge to Knee Up

Rotating Lunge Band

Seated Leg Lifts

Seated Shin Exercise

Side Step with Loop around Toes

Single Arm Kettlebell Squat/Swing

Single Dumbbell Chair Squat

Single Leg Balancing Calf Raises

//">Single Leg Hamstring Lift

Single Leg Hip Lifts

Single Leg Squats with Straps

Single Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift

Single Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift one Kettlebell

Single Leg Straps Hamstring Curls

Stationary Lunge

Step Up

Step Up to Knee Up One Stair

Stiff Legged Deadlift

Stiff Legged Deadlift with Calf Raise

Stiff-Legged Deadlift with Dumbbells

Single Leg Calf Raise

Single Leg Squats with Straps

Single Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift Bodyweight

Straight Leg Hip Lift

Standing Loop Heel Drives

Tibial Internal Rotation Glute Activation

Toes In Calf Raise

Toes Out Calf Raise

Toes Out, Toes In, Toes Straight Bodyweight Calf Raise

True Calf Raises

Walking Lunge

Wall Squat

Upside Down Calf Raise 2

Wall Bridge

Weighted Glute Bridge off chair

I do cardio. Do I really need to do good leg workouts at home?

Cardio is NOT a replacement for really good leg workouts at home. Working your legs in a strengthening manner is the absolute best thing you can do for your fitness - and for your metabolism! Since the leg muscles are the largest in the body, they have the potential to make the greatest impact. In addition to boosting your metabolism, having great leg muscles also helps your legs appear leaner and more toned. And, to boot you will never again struggle with sets of stairs, long walks or hiking!

Looking for a Structured Plan?

I hope you found these good leg workouts at home helpful! You can mix and match them to set up your own workout to focus on your personal goals for your legs. If you would like assistance from a trainer creating your own home workout routine, go here for a Price Quote.

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