Our For Gymnasts Diastasis Online Program

Our for gymnasts diastasis online program is perfect for a gymnast's hectic schedule.

Our gymnast diastasis online program is the perfect way for you to ensure a safe and healthy return to your favorite sport - postpartum or for any other circumstance that led you to develop a diastasis.

gymnast diastasis online programThe last thing you should need to worry about while performing is leaking! The good news is that help is available.

The good news is that some natural stretching and diastasis formation during pregnancy is completely normal. It’s also a common condition for athletes who never had children to develop. Abdominal surgeries can leave anyone with a diastasis.

The key thing to know is that the wrong exercises or movement patterns can cause a diastasis recti to get worse instead of better when it's in healing mode. Unfortunately, many common gymnastics conditioning exercises and skills fall into that camp - again, while the diastasis is in healing mode, NOT forever! The breathing style shown below is a key way that we can support our diastasis while it's healing.

Our gymnast diastasis online program is extremely comprehensive. By signing up for this plan, you will start with a four week foundational education before diving into your more specific concerns which may include:

  • Seeing a gap between your abs that wasn't there before kids
  • Feeling unsure of whether or not traditional gymnastics conditioning is safe
  • Pain while coughing or sneezing
  • Not feeling "put together" like you used to in your core
  • Core weakness or pain
  • SI joint problems
  • Hamstring or inner thigh strains
  • Hip pain
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Just How Common is Diastasis Recti?

It's normal to have a diastasis after pregnancy. Every single woman has a diastasis upon her due date.1 60% of postpartum women still have one have one at 6 weeks postpartum, and 32% have one at 12 months postpartum.2

Rather than think of a diastasis as a depressing matter that is super unfair - know that they can actually give you the opportunity to address your core strength and fitness at a deeper level than ever before, improving your skills in the process. What a gift!

So, what is the problem with having a diastasis, especially in the sport of gymnastics? Well, for one, we generate pressure in our abdomen simply in daily life in order to protect the spine. Of course, in sports and in particular in gymnastics, the pressure that is generated in our systems is far, far greater! If the pressure generated inside someone’s body is generated in a poor manner, it can result in hernias and/or doming out of the diastasis, meaning that you may see a bump or ridge in the abdomen especially upon exertion (If you suspect a hernia or your diastasis causes pain, please be seen by your medical provider immediately and before trying any corrective exercises to get an OK).

If we can learn how to improve our pressure management all while improving strength, and if we can learn how to brace properly for exercise, we can beome masters at managing pressure then and we will be able to do any types of exercises or sports we want! How cool is that?

This Gymnast Diastasis Online Program means can learn your exercises whenever, wherever it suits you! 

We conduct a consultation to set you up with the videos you need most and also include live 1:1 support for questions.

I believe in this program so much because it saved me at a time when my doctors thought I would for sure need major abdominal repair surgery with mesh. I unfortunately suffered from a hernia that developed after an unrelated emergency abdominal surgery that went awry. The issues that I was left with are remarkably similar to what it's like to be postpartum - but at a higher scale. My hernia was so severe that it made it medically unsafe for me to become pregnant. However, I have made huge strides in improving my core strength and capacity since working the exercises and concepts learned in this program which I then went on to become Certified in. I even went back to that doctor who told me that my hernia could only get worse and worse...and I found out that my hernia is no longer considered a hernia using ultrasound!

Even more importantly, I have gotten myself back to living a pain free life which includes overcoming back pain that limited my ability to walk normally for years. These are all things that can happen when our core is weak, or simply out of balance. And it's just as common in athletes as non-athletes - postpartum just happens to be a time when this weakness tends to get magnified and exposed. 

The program is set up in terms of weeks, however the exercises can be done at your own pace and on your own timetable.

Schedule a Free 15-Minute Discovery Call about your fit with my Gymnast Diastasis Online Program on My Calendar.

Some folks wonder, is there a brace I could use for my abs, like I might for an ankle? You could try. However, binding your abdomen can cause a lot more problems than it solves. One of the major risks of binding your abdomen is that it can increase your risk of prolapse.

Don't settle, and don't be brushed off that it's all normal after giving birth. It may be common...but it's not normal! This is your one and only body. It's worth it to take the time to learn what you need to know to not only regain function, but to surpass your prepregancy shape if you so choose and desire!

My program is a blend of 1:1 help with online workout access so that you will be sure to have a program customized for your body.

gymnastics diastasis onlineIf you're in adult gymnastics and have a diastasis, our online program can get you back to your favorite sport in no time.

I start everyone off with a one-on-one appointment in order to hear and see how your body looks and feels right now so that I can tailor the Gymnast Diastasis Online Program to your needs. It's no cookie-cutter plan - everyone's program is different.

Did you know that postpartum issues can affect a woman for her entire life when left untreated? Even a pregnancy that occurred decades ago can leave its mark, and you DON’T have to settle for, “this is just the way it is after having kids.”

I promise you – so much can be done about so many of these issues with corrective exercise! The exercises are scalable - you can do as much or as little as you want and have time for and still benefit. And furthermore – even if you are someone who ends up needing a diastasis surgery because your issues are so drastic - Corrective Exercise will help you prepare your body for surgery and also help you recover the best way you can. Go here to read more about the potential pitfalls of diastasis surgery. Corrective exercise can increase the odds that the surgery will “take” and decrease the odds of future issues.

I am trained in being able to help you though a live video call format or through in person work. And the great news is, the online training method2 has been proven to be just as successful for many women and teens as in person options. The Gymnastics Diastasis Online Program is also a lot more affordable than seeing an in person physical therapist.

Are you intrigued about the Gymnast Diastasis Online Program? Don't be shy. 

gymnast diastasis

If you would like more information on what I can help you with, feel free to reach out! I offer a Free 15 minute Discovery Call where we can discuss your situation and I can give you an honest assessment of how you may (or may) not benefit from what I have to offer! I am thrilled to bring this new knowledge and skill set to you as just one of the many services Home Bodies in-home fitness training provides. Click here to see other Programs we offer.

Pricing for the Gymnast Diastasis Online Program

This program costs $249 the first month which includes the 1:1 consultation and $129 for each subsequent month. The rate includes a customized online plan plus support for questions by a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist. You may cancel the membership anytime you like. Contact me with the best days/times for you to schedule your consultation for your Gymnastics Diastasis Online Program and we'll get you on my calendar!

1 Prevalence and risk factors of diastasis recti abdominis from late pregnancy to 6 months postpartum, and relationship with lumbo-pelvic pain. Patrícia Gonçalves Fernandes da Mota 1, et al. 2015 Feb;20(1):200-5. doi: 10.1016/j.math.2014.09.002. Epub 2014 Sep 19.

2 Diastasis recti abdominis during pregnancy and 12 months after childbirth: prevalence, risk factors and report of lumbopelvic pain. Jorun Bakken Sperstad et. al. 2016 Sep;50(17):1092-6. doi: 10.1136/bjsports-2016-096065. Epub 2016 Jun 20.

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