Check Out Our For Gymnasts Pelvic Floor Online Program

This designed by a gymnast, for a gymnast pelvic floor online program is perfect for a gymnast's hectic schedule.

Our gymnast pelvic floor online program is the perfect way for you or a gymnast you care about to solve issues such as peeing while doing skills or prolapse once and for all.

The first thing to know is that pelvic floor issues are exceedingly common in athletes. 52.5% athletes deal with leaking to some degree. A literature review demonstrated that the prevalence of urinary incontinence can range from 28% to 80% in sports such as trampolining, gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics, hockey and dance.1

gymnast pelvic floor onlineThe last thing you should need to worry about while performing is leaking! The good news is that help is available.

Our online pelvic floor workout plan is extremely comprehensive. By signing up for this plan, you will start with a four week foundational education before diving into your more specific concerns which may include:

  • Leaking while tumbling or vaulting
  • Leaking while doing conditioning
  • Leaking while coughing or sneezing
  • Vaginal flatulence
  • Achy back
  • SI joint problems
  • Hamstring strains
  • Hip pain

Some of these issues can also be caused or exacerbated by core weakness as well. Check out my Diastasis Online Program for gymnasts here.

Rather than think of pelvic floor issues as depressing matters that are super unfair - know that they can actually give you the opportunity to address your core strength and fitness at a deeper level than ever before, improving your skills in the process. What a gift!

This online program means you can learn your exercises whenever, wherever it suits you! 

We conduct a consultation with eveyone who enrolls to set you up with the videos you need most and also include live 1-on-1 support for questions.

I have completed the gymnastics pelvic floor online program myself and the results have been remarkable. I am excited to help you or your gymnast overcome these unpleasant symptoms that get in the way of her sport. No other exercise plan or workout program I've ever done has come close to the results with this program.

Many women and girls think that leaking and vaginal flatulence is normal. Both can be signs of overly weak or overly tight pelvic floors. While they may be common, they are certainly not normal, and they can be fixed!

The program is appropriate for those who suffer from leaking or vaginal flatulence as well as those battling with prolapse. While prolapse most commonly occurs in postpartum women, women and teens who have never had children can also develop the condition. Oftentimes it comes from poor pressure management in our core system. Sometimes if you go to the doctor surgery is offered - but in many cases surgery is not necessary, and even if you get the surgery you will want to learn pressure management strategies anyway to make sure that your have a healthy and permanent recovery. This is why I think everyone should try these corrective exercises as a first step, which has no side effects other than a stronger core and less pain :)

The other thing to know about surgery is that it can sometimes fix a prolapse, but fail to eliminate the symptoms. A couple of the most common symptoms of prolapse are discomfort as well as leaking. Both of those can also exist due to other reasons such as an overly tight pelvic floor that can have nothing to do with prolapse. So learning how to get our pelvic floor tension just right - not too tight and not too loose - is important for all women.

Schedule a Free 15-Minute Discovery Call on My Calendar.

Simply doing kegals barely scratch the surface of what the average athlete needs and in some cases can be the exact opposite of what your body really needs. Don't settle, and don't be brushed off that it's all normal doing high level sports. Leaking while training isn't normal even if it's common - and it's totally fixable. Many women need to work on their breathing patterns to take pressure off their pelvic floors.

The program is set up in terms of weeks, however the exercises can be done at your own pace and on your own timetable.

My program is a blend of 1-on-1 help with online workout access so that you will be sure to have a program customized for your body.

gymnastics pelvic floor

I start everyone off with a one-on-one appointment in order to hear and see how your body looks and feels right now so that I can tailor the online program to your needs. No more wasting time following lessons that are not essential for you. It's never cookie-cutter - everyone's program is different.

Did you know that weak or overly tight pelvic floors can affect a woman for her entire life when left untreated? This is certainly not an issue you want to sweep under the rug by wearing a pad and being done with it.

I promise you – so much can be done about so many of these issues with corrective exercise! The exercises are scalable - you can do as much or as little as you want and have time for and still benefit. And furthermore – even in the rare instance that you are someone who needs a surgery because your issues are so drastic - corrective exercise will help you prepare your body for surgery and also help you recover the best way you can. Corrective exercise can increase the odds that the surgery will “take” and decrease the odds of future issues.

I am trained in being able to help you though a live video call format or through in person work. And the great news is, the online training method2 has been proven to be just as successful for many women and teens as in person options. The Gymnastics Pelvic Floor Online Program is also a lot more affordable than seeing an in person physical therapist.

Are you intrigued? Don't be shy. 

If you would like more information on how I can help you, feel free to reach out! I offer a Free 15 minute Discovery Call where we can discuss your situation and I can give you an honest assessment of how you may (or may) not benefit from what I have to offer! I am so excited to bring this new knowledge and skill set to you as just one of the many services Home Bodies in-home fitness training provides. 

Pricing for the Gymnast Pelvic Floor Online Package

gymnast pelvic floor

This program costs $249 the first month which includes the 1-on-1 consultation and $129 for each subsequent month which includes a customized online plan plus support for questions by a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist. Most athletes end up needing three months to get their situation resolved. You may cancel at any time. 

Contact us with the best days/times for you to schedule your consultation and we'll get you on our calendar!

You can also book a Free 15 Minute Discovery Call to see if this program will be a good fit for you.

1 Prevalence of stress incontinence in nullipanous elite trampolinists. May 2002. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports 12(2):106-10. Doi: 10.1034/j1600-0838.2002.120207x. PubMed. K. Eliasson et al.

2 Determinants of physical activity frequency and provider advice during pregnancy. Eilann C. Santo, Peter W. Forbes, Emily Oken & Mandy B. Belfort. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth volume 17, Article number: 286 (2017).

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