The Best Exercise Resistance Bands: These Ones Are Good Enough for a Certified Personal Traine

The best exercise resistance bands are ones that are sturdy and come in a variety of tension levels so that you can work your arms as well as your legs and core all with the same set. I'll share my favorite sets with you right here.

the best exercise resistance bandsI love to incorporate resistance bands into my training routine!

1. The Best Exercise Resistance Bands Staple - Flat Bands in a Variety of Tensions

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These bands are super adaptable. You can tie them in a loop if you need to, tie them to a door handle, use them as-is, and bring them with you during travel. If you're just going to get one set, I would get these.

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2. The Best Exercise Resistance Bands Loops - This Set of 5

Next on my list of must-have resistance bands is the mini-loops. These looped bands allow you to do an even more diverse list of movements without the hastle of tying and untying your long bands into loops over and over. The value of this set of loops is unmatched.

3. Want to Go Bigger? This set help you attach the bands from the top of a door. It also includes handles and an ankle cuff.

I wouldn't consider this set critical for a beginner, but an advanced exerciser or someone working on postpartum fitness could benefit from these bands which offer more exercises than the other two listed above. If you get this set, you could forgo the first set listed. One drawback is they are a bit bulkier for travel than the first set I linked above.

4. Monster Bands are awesome for assisting with Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups as well as working Plyometrics for Athletes

A beginner won't likely have as much use for these, but they are great if you plan on doing the exercises mentioned above. They can also be used for joint mobilizations when you are trained in how to that safely - something a Certified Personal Trainer can certainly teach you.

That's a Wrap! Now You Know Which Resistance Bands I Can Stand Behind.

I hope this guide on finding the best exercise resistance bands was helpful! I love working out with resistance bands. They are a safe, effective and low impact way to train. The portability is also amazing. I think anyone who works out at home should own a set or two - it's a very wise investment!

good resistance bands

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