Quest Bars Taste Too Good to Be True...Are Quest Bars Healthy?

Are Quest Bars Healthy? Here's a Nutritionist's Take.

Are Quest Bars healthy? They seem too good to be true with all their decadent flavors. Rest assured, if you've been looking for a healthy, quick, portable and most importantly delicious high-protein snack while you're on the go, you're in luck!

Quest bars are a revolutionary snack bar that contain between 160 and 210 calories per bar with 20 grams of high-quality protein and a whopping 17 grams of fiber. They are the perfect size to hold you over between meals, or to be part of a meal if you pair it with a fruit or vegetable. 

To gain the most fullness from your quest bar, consume it with at least 8 oz. of water. This helps the fiber in the bar expand in your stomach to leave a sensation of fullness.

quest bars are a healthy snackThese bars are healthy enough to please even this picky Nutritionist!

Unlike many bars that have a laundry list of ingredients, Quest bars are pretty healthy because they contain only a handful of natural ingredients that won't hurt your healthy lifestyle. Are they the healthiest food on the planet? No. They are a processed food. However, compared to the other processed foods out there, they beat just about all of them!

My two favorite flavors are the "apple pie" and "chocolate chip cookie dough" - however they have a huge assortment of flavors and you might want to try the variety pack to sample them all.

Quest bars do contain almonds and dairy, so if you are sensitive to either of those two things, you might want to avoid them. And certainly, don't eat one at every meal. I would cap it at 1-2 bars per day. I have a very sensitive stomach which makes me vary to eat bars, however these sit with me just fine. I can't recommend them enough!

Quest Bars Have Dairy, Right?

Yes, quest bars contain whey protein, which is a type of dairy. However, whey protein has the caesin protein removed. Caesin is the part of milk that tends to be harder to digest for most people. It's different for everyone, but by and large whey protein is the eaiser type of dairy protein to absorb. Quest bars are also lactose free.

Some health professionals recommend that certain people avoid dairy. If you have been instructed to avoid dairy, then don't eat Quest bars. Otherwise, dairy is part of a well rounded diet.

Grab Your Quest Bar Variety Box Here, or Try the Birthday Cake Flavor.

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These Brands of Bars Have Lots of Dairy Free Options

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