High Intensity Interval Training Walking *How-To* Guide

This Interval Walking Workout is Low Impact, High Intensity and No Equipment Needed Cardio! The Bonus is That it Can Be Done Outside!

high intensity internal training walkingThis high intensity interval training walking workout will really ramp the calorie burn you will get from walking!

Think you can't get an intense workout walking outdoors? Think again!

Looking for an alternative to a gym cardiovascular workout? This high intensity interval training walking workout fits the bill! Being outside is so refreshing, and great for your mental health. Not to mention cheaper!

Walking is great because you can do it anywhere, most people can physically handle it, and it’s fairly idiot-proof. However, the intensity of walking outdoors can leave something to be desired. If power walking isn’t for you, and you don’t have access to hills, check out this take on increasing the intensity of your walk. 

And, did you know? Walking straight forward all the time isn't the healthiest for your joints. Our joints hate repetitive motion. If hiking (another way to mix up the motions) isn't an option for you right now, check out this fun outdoor walking workout!

High Intensity Interval Training Walking Workout

Please be sure that you are accustomed to walking at least 45 minutes at a steady pace without getting out of breath before attempting this advanced workout.

Minute 0-5 (the first five minutes of the walk)

Warm-up with a moderate pace walk to your comfort level

Minute 5-10 (the second five minutes of the walk)

Kick it up by walking as quickly as you can

Minute 10-11

Perform walking lunges—each time you take a step, step out a bit farther than you normally would and bend your legs. Keep alternating legs.

Minute 11-15

Walk backwards as quickly as you can (watch out for safety!)

Minute 15-20

Walk forward as briskly as you can while remaining up on your toes OR walking on your heels (alterate them as you fatigue).

Minute 20-25

Walk sideways criss crossing feet (the grapevine). Halfway through switch sides. 

Minute 25-26

Perform walking lunges backwards.

Minute 26-30

Walk forward at a moderate pace to cooldown.

I hope you give this fun high intensity interval training walking workout a try! If you would like more great low-impact but highly effective training ideas, you can always sign up for a training session with me! You can get a Price Quote or book a Free 15-minute Discovery call in My Calendar.

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