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Looking for In-home Personal Training in Hampton NH? Home Bodies has got you covered.

Paulette Holtgrieve was in search of some in home personal training in Hampton NH, and she's so glad she found Home Bodies!

women receiving personal training in hampton nhPaulette has realized that at-home workouts simply work best for her.

Paulette Holtgrieve has tried all types of exercise programs, from small gyms to large ones with organized classes. She’s taken spinning classes and aerobics classes that she attended faithfully a few times per week. However, nothing has been as good a fit for her as her home workout program. "I'm in my 33rd week with Home Bodies, which is my first home program ever," says Paulette…but who’s counting? 

"I've tried the gym thing and always felt self-conscience about my ability....either I thought my form was not ‘polished’ enough or that I didn't look the part of someone who trained regularly. I thought people were judging me because I was thin and therefore probably worked out constantly, which I didn't," explains Paulette. "Then there were those days where I didn't really want to get back in the car after getting home to go to the gym. I could always find an excuse not to work out. As a result I always got discouraged with the formal gym thing, which is why home training for me is ideal. Gina’s brother is friends with my husband, Dave. They both thought it might make sense for me to begin working with Gina."

Paulette was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to get started. "I really never thought I could accomplish the same things as I could at the gym with the equipment I already owned," says Paulette. "I’m sure most people can relate to my story. My main goal when I started with Home Bodies was to trim down. Over the last four years I had begun to put on weight and my pants size went from a 4 to a 6, and then from a 6 to an 8. Using Gina’s program I've been able to get back to size 4 and have increased my stamina. I can actually lift 20 lb. free weight now. When I first started I thought 5 lbs. was heavy!"

Paulette appreciates the nutritional education she has received as well. "I have become much more aware of the ingredients in foods, especially pre-packaged or processed food," she says. "I'm learning how to order healthy meals when I go out to dinner. I never knew that protein could be so helpful for increasing energy levels. Now, I know when I'm tired it was probably because I failed to get enough protein that day." 

Paulette’s whole attitude and feelings about working out have changed. "At first working out felt like a struggle, but it doesn’t anymore," Paulette explains. "My mental state has improved, and I feel more positive about myself and my results. I know that I have a way to go, but at least I'm making inroads…without a home workout routine I probably would never have gotten this far."

"I've gone to several gyms and had personal trainers set me up with a workout routine and then forget about me," says Paulette. "They never tried to change the routine or even tell me when my form wasn't right. But Gina is different--she doesn't hesitate to change up the routine and will let me know when my form needs work. All that aside, she simply motivates me to get in shape. And I have 24/7 email contact with her for advice and consultation. Gina is the best!" 

"I am lucky that I have a husband who is very supportive and is also a good athlete.
He encouraged me to contact Gina, but I resisted making the initial call--he made it for me. I suggest to anyone out there to make the call and if you can't, then get someone to make the first call for you, like I did. Once you meet your trainer and start a routine you'll be glad you made the effort." 

Paulette’s favorite things to do are reading, shopping, and walking on the beach that is practically in her backyard. She enjoys taking day trips to Boston to just to walk around and ‘window shop’ and visit different restaurants. She also loves to decorate--She painted her living room four times before she found the perfect color. 

Paulette and her husband Dave have been a resident of Hampton for the last 4 years after relocating from Concord. While both still work in Concord they are fortunate to be able to drive the 54 miles to work together. Paulette calls Wisconsin home since that is where she lived the longest. 

"Finding Gina was a godsend....I'm not sure without her that I would ever have done anything....I'd probably still be complaining about my physical well-being, but not doing anything to change it." 

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