Topsfield MA In Home Personal Trainer: Client Spotlight

"I Actually Weigh Less Now Than I Did Before I Had My Twins!"

-Sharon Richard

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Sharon Richard is a Nurse Practitioner from Topsfield MA. Let's hear from Sharon about how she has found it to be working with an in home personal trainer.

“I started training with Gina a year ago last July—about 15 months ago. I began training with Gina 2 months after my twins were born. Basically, I started a home routine because of convenience due to my twins coming along. I knew it would be difficult to get to the gym between taking care of them and working. I wanted to build my strength, increase the tone of my muscles, and lose the pregnancy weight. I knew that I needed to do something more than just walking.

I always was very active—I like to ski, bike, hike, and swim. However, I had never stuck with a weight-training program. I tried them in the gyms before, for example the nautilus, but I never consistently did a weight-training program in my entire life. I was more about outdoor type things. Sometimes I would do the elliptical or the stationary bike in the gym if the weather wasn’t good. I choose Gina because I was referred to her by my massage therapist. I never used a trainer before, but I thought I’d see how I liked it.

I fit the workouts in when my twins are napping. Usually I will do them on a day off from work during the week, or on the weekend when my husband is home to watch the twins. I do most of my walking with them outdoors. I find this program very easy to fit into my daily life.

It took me a long time over the years to be convinced that weight training was a really important part of the exercise routine—a great complement to the cardio. I never really gave including weights a lot of thought before. I guess what surprised me is how effective it was for me! I found the weight loss pretty easy! I am more fit now than I was before I was pregnant. I actually weigh less now than I did before I had my twins. I never expected that to happen, but then again I never did the weight training before, and boy is it effective! I never enjoyed doing the weight training at the gym—I grew bored with it. I also wasn’t convinced that doing weights would help me achieve my goals. Now that I know how well it works and since I can do the weights at home, the motivation is not a problem. 

Right now my goal is to maintain my weight. If I lost a few more pounds, that would be great too. I also want to continue to build strength and endurance. I want to protect myself from injury when lifting my kids as well. A friend of mine had twins before me, and she always complained of aching all over and back pain, I knew I didn’t want that to happen to me. 

I have lost all the weight I was hoping to lose with Gina’s program. I watch what I eat but I don’t diet. I have lost 4 ½ inches off my waist, 3 ½ off my hips, 3 off my chest, and 2 ½ inches off my thighs, and over 16 pounds of fat! Having an in home personal trainer has been one of the best things I have ever done.

Gina is easy to talk to, and I can tell she is very honest with me at all times. She gives good advice and she definitely knows what she is talking about. She is always encouraging and works with the individual and their needs and their lifestyle. She will give you a realistic program. After all, what is the point in getting an exercise routine that is impossible to follow with your schedule? 

Budget-wise, this program also works well for me. I started out seeing Gina more frequently, but now I space my visits about once every three months. This costs about the same as a gym membership. I am getting good results—meeting with Gina at this pace seems to be working out fine for me. I have the motivation to keep up the routine on my own because I know I am getting good results. Gina helps me over the phone if I need help in between visits, and lets me know how I can make changes if I am ready to advance before she comes back. 

A lot of my favorite things to do are outdoor activities, such as going to the beach, travel, hiking, and skiing. My husband’s name is Bill and we have lived in Georgetown, MA for the past 5 years. Our twins are Meghan and Zachary, and they are 17 months. I am originally from Haddonfield, NJ."

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