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In need of a West Newbury MA in home personal trainer? Home Bodies to the rescue!

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If you're in need of a West Newbury MA in home personal trainer, let Home Bodies help you out just as we helped Judy! Let's learn more about Judy Ambler of West Newbury and how she's benefitted from a home workout plan.

Judy is a nurse at Mass General Hospital and mother of her 8-year old, Phoebe. She called me in April wanting an exercise program she could do at home. She also wanted to know why her metabolism seemed to have slowed in the past couple years and what she could do about it. During our initial consultation, I was able to answer all of Judy's question and assess her baseline level of fitness in order to prescribe the most appropriate workout for her to get started. Judy was relieved that the experience was not intimidating in the least.

Since then, Judy has learned 3 different workouts she can use on her own and has made some changes to her diet. I was able to give her some easy tips with her food that really made a difference! These efforts have resulted in a steady weight loss over the past month. In addition to losing 7 pounds of bodyfat in just four weeks, Judy also lost 6 inches in her measurements. Judy is a positive, upbeat person who is easy and fun to work with! We love having her as part of our Home Bodies family.

It's incredible how much more efficient you can be when you have a smartly designed home workout routine from an in home trainer! The average client I work with finds that they actually can spend less time exercising than they used to, yet they enjoy better results when they work off of the plan I design for them. And for busy people, how amazing is that!

Judy finds that, with her hectic schedule, the Home Bodies workouts fit perfectly into her week. After experiencing the benefits of working with an in home personal trainer, Judy is completely sold!

If you are looking for a West Newbury MA in home personal trainer, please consider using Home Bodies!

West Newbury in home personal trainer: How to get started

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Simply navigate over to our Price Quote page, or check out Our Programs. You may also schedule a Free 15 Minute Discovery Call where you can share your fitness goals with us before making a commitment.