Saugus MA In Home Personal Trainer: Client Spotlight

Our In Home Personal Training Client of the Month this month is Francine Vozzella of Saugus MA!

Need a Saugus MA in home personal trainer? Home Bodies can take care of your needs.

I met Francine at the Saugus Family YMCA back before I even started Home Bodies! She had been exercising but wanted some professional advice to structure her workouts. I have been working with her since July of 2003. Francine impresses me because she has had many obstacles such as a hectic work schedule, family commitments, and a number of injuries that could have thrown her off track. However, she has maintained her commitment to the program is getting closer to her goal every week.

Francine uses a combination of home workouts and gym workouts to get all of her training in during the week. Recently she has started running outside, an activity she never thought she could do!

Francine has lost 40 pounds (1/3 of her current body weight!) since she began training with Home Bodies. Francine has lost the weight through a combination of her workouts and her way of eating, which is basically South-Beach-Diet style, although she does "cheat" from time to time. Francine always exercises portion control, however, which is her secret to success.

Let's hear from Francine about how she feels about her progress!

woman in saugus ma uses an in home personal trainerFrancine is so proud of her 40 lb. weight loss so far! And we are proud of her, too!

"I’ve been training with Gina for just over 2 years now. In this time I have lost around 40 pounds. I got down to 128 pounds and can wear a size 6.

I never thought I would be able to lift a 20 lb. dumbbell or jog for more than five minutes...but with Gina's guidance, I can do all of those things and more. My confidence is through the roof, and everyone is noticing.

Being a single mom I work a lot and don't have much free time. I only exercise about two hours per week, but because it is supervised by a trainer, I get better results than most of my friends who go to the gym almost every day. I love being able to meet with my trainer at home or at the gym, depending on my schedule.

I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the leanness and tone of my arms, legs, and stomach. People at work and my friends cannot stop commenting on my body transformation—they ask what I have been doing to get into such great shape. I tell them it’s all due to my trainer!"

If you're in Saugus MA and need an in home personal trainer, join Francine and consider Home Bodies! See our Programs.

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