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"Sometimes You Have to Be Flexible."

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Heather lives in Revere, MA. Her mother started The Ultimate women’s apparel 35 years ago, and Heather has been a partner for 10 years. The Ultimate is located on Rte. 1 in Saugus, and is known for it’s personalized service and top fashions in both casual and formal attire. 

Heather has worked out forever, but tends to let it go at times during Prom season and other busy times for her business. She wasn’t working out the beginning of 2004 and recently started thinking she needed to do something because she had gained weight and was having a hard time taking it off and getting back on track. She heard that a friend of hers, Francine Vozzella, was loosing weight and looking great. When she bumped into Francine she asked her what she was doing to get such great results, and Francine told her about Home Bodies and Gina Paulhus. Heather was skeptical at first because she’d worked with trainers before and was never that impressed with what they had to offer. After all, Heather wasn’t a newbie--she has been in the gym most of her life. However, Francine had also used trainers in the past and assured Heather that Gina was very knowledgeable and completely dedicated to her clients’ success. Heather decided to give Gina a call in late July. 

Heather really soaked up the information I gave her and has followed my instructions to the "T." She is a driven, dedicated and determined person and when you couple that with the right program, the results speak for themselves. Heather has lost over 10 pounds and 5 inches in four weeks, in spite of a few trips during which she wasn’t able to get to the gym or have access to the foods she needed for her diet. In fact, it’s a little tougher for Heather because she’s had to work around some food allergies that really limit what she can eat. She’s been able to make it happen, though, because she’s so focused on her goal. Hiring an in home personal trainer has proven to be a great decision for her.

Heather is psyched about how much success she’s had in such a short period of time. She feels good about her choice to work with Gina because "Gina really seems to know her stuff--it’s clear that she knows what she’s talking about. She’s telling me things I don’t already know from my years of working out."

Heather is proud of herself for dieting and working out so diligently, and she has every right to be - she’s worked really hard. In case you’re wondering, Heather’s routine consists of a full-body resistance training routine three days per week and cardio for at least a half-hour 5 days per week. She follows a diet that is low in carbs and total calories. She varies between something along the lines of South Beach to something along the line of Atkins, depending on what type of food is available -- she eats out and travels a lot. Heather really enjoys dining out and traveling, so we’ve had to figure out how she can lose weight and get fit while accommodating those things. That can be a bit tricky, but it’s obviously doable - check out Heather’s Tips below.

Heather's Tips for Dining Out

  1. Sometimes you have to be flexible. I always make sure to get my protein, and I usually eat relatively low-fat. But if the restaurant doesn't have things like low-fat cheese, I'll have regular cheese but keep my portion size small so calories stay in check. I'll also have fewer carbs if I have to go higher-fat than usual.

  2. If you're feeling strong and in control, get a boost in motivation when you see others around you eating unhealthy stuff - it's a good feeling to know that you won't be touching it.

  3. If you're running low on willpower, keep temptations (such as the bread basket or the desert tray) out of sight."

  4. Personally, I do better eating out when I'm on a plan with specific guidelines to follow, whether it be Weight Watchers, Atkins or anything else. For me, having a plan means I eat better than if I try to "wing it."

If you are looking for a Revere MA in home personal trainer, do what Heather did and reach out to Home Bodies!

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