Portsmouth NH In Home Personal Trainer: Client Spotlight

In need of a Portsmouth NH in home personal trainer? Home Bodies would love to be your solution.

In need of Portsmouth NH in home personal trainer? Home Bodies would love to help! We specialize in providing home-based workouts that can help you reach your goals in fitness - whether that be weight loss, improving stamina, improving strength, improving range of motion in joints, or anything else!

Our at home trainers are experts in setting up a routine that can work around any injury you might have or any health concern that might be bothering you. We have been in business since 2004 helping folks all across seacoast NH with their health and fitness needs.

Today we profile Chris Ferreira of Portsmouth NH, one of our valued clients. He started getting into a regular exercise program a couple of months ago, and I designed his beginners workout program for him. He has stuck to his program religiously and worked very hard right off the bat. He decided to work with me on a weekly basis to increase his fitness level and accelerate his weight loss. Working with me on a weekly basis is the most common frequency that clients choose, although we offer anything from a single visit for a program design to meeting three times per week or more with the trainer. We also began offering video sessions via Zoom in 2017.

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Chris has impressed me with his commitment to the program and especially his level of intensity when he works out. Chris pushes every set to the max and oftentimes goes beyond what I ask of him. For someone brand new to exercise, it's really impressive! I don’t think he’s missed a workout in two months, even with his ever-changing work schedule and dealing with a nasty bug. 

Chris always has a smile on his face during our session which makes it a pleasure to train him. He is finding that his improved stamina and his weight loss have been making his active job much easier to complete. I am convinced that Chris will continue to thrive with his workouts and go on to achieve an incredible level of fitness moving forward. 

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