Personal Training Rowley MA: Client Spotlight

Personal training in Rowley, MA: Meet Chris Sheedy, our latest Home Bodies client of the month

"I [began to] kindly refer to my butt as ‘the $3,000 butt’ and Beth humorously reminded me that we wanted it to look good in my wedding dress."

If you are looking for at home personal training in Rowley MA, you're in luck! Home Bodies would love to help! Let hear more from Chris about her experience working with a Home Bodies trainer.

woman has benefitted from home bodies personal training in rowley maChris loves how she looks and feels since starting to work with a Home Bodies trainer!

"I was never an athlete, to say the least. I had children in my 30’s and the closest I got to ‘working out’ was talking 3-5 mile walks, usually with a child in stroller. As my children moved past the infant stage, I began to focus on some things I wanted to do for myself again. In May 2006, I did the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, a two-day, 39-mile walk with a dear group of friends, one of whom was a breast cancer survivor. This was something we all had wanted to do for many years but could not make the time for given our busy work and family lives. All of us were out of shape and not sure what to expect or how to train.

So, I began walking longer distances and really liked how it made me feel. We did the walk, albeit with some blisters and bruises, but we made it. This inspired me to keep walking on a regular basis.

A little while later I heard that my sister was working at her home with a trainer. I started to see some great results in her. The gym setting just wasn’t for me and I had never lifted weights but recognized the need to do so for my health and also to boost my metabolism and tone my body. I realized hiring a trainer was the only way for me to be committed because I was so busy.

So, I began working out at my sister’s house with Beth Fahey. I was comfortable with Beth right away. She set realistic but stretch goals for me and pushed me in a way I would never push myself if left to my own devices. She has a way of mixing up the routine so that I never get bored.

I work with Beth once or twice per week along with my sister. We have our sessions at my sister's home in Rowley. Beth understands what it is like to have a full time job and three kids. Seeing that she keeps herself in great shape in spite of having a busy life (and being older than I am!) is inspiring. I always thought the only way you could really make a difference in yourself with working out is if it basically consumed your life. It's nice to know that with minimal time I can make a huge difference in my fitness. Even one hour a week is a great start, and it’s so much better than nothing. 

Beth is fantastic, I can't say enough about how she always encourages me and pushes me and can read how I am feeling. Even if I am sore from a prior workout we can hit the muscle from another angle. I now see that you can work out even if you’re sore. 

It took me some time but I have also integrated better nutrition into my diet and my next goal is to incorporate more cardio. I stay fairly true to our pre-established schedule – more so than if I had the choice to get to the gym when I felt like it. The funny and hard thing for me to get used to was that I have gained weight and gone up in my clothing size recently. I will attribute some of that to falling in love and eating too much around the same time I started working out with Beth (a separate story), but I was always too thin without too many curves. I noticed the size increase primarily in my butt. 

Once I got comfortable that this change in shape for me was a good thing, it became somewhat of a joke and source of encouragement to push myself. I kindly referred to my butt as ‘the $3,000 butt’ and Beth humorously reminded me that we wanted it to look good in my wedding dress. I’m not near achieving my ultimate fitness or cardio goals, but I’m on the path and continue to strive to improve with the limited free time I have. 

I am 44 years old and have lived in Rowley, MA for the last 16 years. I have three children ages, 8, 10 and 13. I was married on 10/10/09 to my husband Dan and became a stepmother to Dan’s 17 year old son, Matthew. I grew up in Syracuse, New York and moved to Boston when I was 19. I worked at a law firm in Boston as a paralegal and pursued my Bachelor’s Degree from Suffolk University at night. In 1988, I began working for GTE as a paralegal. GTE was purchased by OSRAM SYLVANIA in 1993 and I became risk manager for the company at that time."

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