Personal Trainer Andover MA: Client Spotlight

Meet Charlie Liponis, Our Latest Home Bodies Client of the Month

"I have nominated my client Charlie Liponis for Client of the Month," says Bill Boylan, Charlie’s trainer. "I think he would basically just feel much better about himself for being recognized for the hard work he's put in. He has lost weight but the main reason I am recognizing him is because of his perseverance and bravery. When we first started working together he could barely walk and was confined to a single room all day long. Now he is much more independent, and he and I have enjoyed many walks outside during our sessions. He has finally built up enough strength and endurance to visit friends and family as well. They are even planning an overseas trip at some point this summer. I also wanted to highlight how pleased this family is to have a service like this, and that your business is not just helping people get beach body ready, I feel like we're making a difference in people’s lives!"

personal trainer andover maCharlie has benefitted greatly from his sessions with Bill!

Charlie Liponis is originally from Portland Maine. He now lives in Andover MA with his wife Bess. Charlie has never belonged to a commercial gym in his entire life. He had tried personal training in the past to help strengthen his body in order to help offset some of the negative effects of Parkinson’s disease.

Unfortunately he was left without a trainer for a period of time and his strength and endurance quickly deteriorated. He knew he had to get moving again and felt that Home Bodies was the answer. His main goals when starting were just to lose a little weight, but now he attributes all the hard work he has put in during his sessions with "helping to save my life."

He enjoys the Home Bodies approach because it "Covers the basics, which I feel I need." Due to this basics-first approach Mr. Liponis has improved his fitness level from being essentially immobile to now being able to take significant walks during his sessions, as well as visit family and friends outside of the home. He is now committed to making exercise a major portion of his life and he and his wife feel that he as improved both physically and mentally because of it. Mr. Liponis credits his wife Bess as a major part of his success and offers the following advice for fellow Home Bodies trainees: "You need to have a strong partner. You have to fulfill your obligation to exercise for something besides yourself. She (Bess) doesn't do the exercise for me, but she supports me every day."

In addition to exercising, Charlie is an active member of his church again, thanks to his newfound mobility. He recently celebrated his 78th birthday, and in his free time enjoys poker, traveling, and his favorite show, The Newlywed Game.

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