Weston MA In Home Personal Trainer: Client Spotlight

Janet Butera of Weston MA has been a super consistent client with Home Bodies, and the results are flooding in!

In need of a Weston MA in home personal trainer? Read this story from Janet Butera, who began her home workout program with Gina in August 2005. Since then she has trained with Gina three times per week, every single week. She wasn’t always one to work out at home, though...

Let's hear from Janet now!

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"In the past I belonged to Vincent Spa in Waltham. They offered aerobics, weight lifting, and cardio machines, but they didn’t have trainers available for one-on-one attention. I didn’t mind going to the club because my work wasn’t so demanding and I was single then. Now, things are different in my life.

My home program began February when I started doing some walking outside, primarily to improve my breathing problems that I began suffering from after quitting smoking, ironically. Soon after I began walking, someone suggested the Leslie Sansome walking tapes to me. I liked having the workout tape option, because it can be difficult to find places to walk in Weston, and the tapes can be done anytime, and during any weather conditions (sometimes I do them at 9pm!) The tapes suggested using small hand weights, but I never got beyond the 1-pounders. I didn’t think my shoulder could handle it, because I have an injured collarbone that has never felt the same since a car accident when I was 18.

My sister Carol and my sister-in-law Marla had been using Gina as their trainer and gave her rave reviews. I knew that exercising at home would be better for me than joining a health club considering my workload. Also, since it’s so convenient there is no excuse. Meeting with the trainer is fun; I don’t look at it like a chore!

Home training has worked out even better than I expected! It’s fit into my schedule seamlessly. I like working with Gina; she is easy to work with and she makes training fun but challenging at the same time. I was surprised by how much I can lift with my upper body. I built up to it slowly under Gina’s guidance. I have always favored one arm over the other because my shoulder and arm have always been weaker on the side of the injury. Honestly, I never thought my strength would get to where it is now! Since my strength has increased all over and also evened out, I can do more around the house and the yard, and help with our landscaping business if needed. 

I used picking on food and snacking as an alternative to smoking...Finally I said, “Enough is enough!

My main goal when I started home training with Gina was to get into a regular exercise routine. I wanted to make sure that I exercised my heart muscle because heart trouble runs in my family. Some people think exercise wears down the heart. It’s actually the opposite, because your heart needs to be exercised to work correctly and stay free of plaque and cholesterol. A big goal for me was to lower my cholesterol via healthy diet and exercise so that I could get off my cholesterol medication. I also wanted to improve my stamina and my breathing. See, I gave up smoking just over a year ago, and got lazy. I was sick all last winter with colds and sinus and ate badly—I used snacking and picking at food as an alternative to smoking. Finally I said, 'Enough is enough!' I knew that I had lost weight and became fit before by starting to exercise first and then adding dieting later on. That was my strategy when I choose to train with Home Bodies. 

I absolutely love the home program I am following! I like the variety of types of exercise we do at our appointments. It varies according to the weather, how my body feels, and what I am in the mood for, but it’s always a good workout. I enjoy being with Gina, and I like the convenience of being at home. It’s great not having to learn the names of the exercises. I like having a “boss” tell me, 'do this, do that.' I feel very comfortable that Gina is a true fitness professional who really knows what she is doing, and knows the best routines for me to follow. 

So far, by using Gina as my in home personal trainer three times per week, I have noticed improved shoulder and arm strength in the area that was injured in the car accident. My thigh muscle I had injured feels better too. My breathing is better, my clothes fit better, and I have lost several inches off all my measurements. Now, I am happy to exercise, not grumpy about it! Looking to my future with Home Bodies, I hope to lose some more weight and continue to improve my strength and stamina. I also hope to remain healthy enough to stay off Cholesterol medication. 

I grew up in Waltham, MA but have lived in Weston with my husband Michael since 1991. I work as an assistant bookkeeper at Pandiscio and Pandiscio Patent Law in Waltham. Michael and I are owners of Mike Butera Landscape Service. I love to read and I’ll read just about anything. I also like to do research on the Internet. I love to walk and watch old movies. I love hanging out with my family, and enjoy all my nieces and nephews. My favorite TV shows are Gray’s Anatomy, and The Biggest Loser. I also like to watch The Food Network and Fit TV. Michael and I keep a large garden with just about everything.” 

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