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Jeanine has been working with Home Bodies for eight months now. She started off working with Gina Paulhus and later Amy Cieslik when Gina was no longer able to travel to her area. “The team approach using two trainers has been great because I am able to reap the benefits of Gina’s specialties as well as Amy’s,” says Jeanine.

“When I was 12 or 13 I wanted to lose weight and so I started walking regularly. Once that became easy for me, I took up jogging, and then running. Once I had been running on a regular basis, it became a source of joy and stress relief in and of itself, so even once I lost all of the weight I wanted to (about 30 pounds over the course of a year), I continued to run regularly for fun (and to keep the weight off). I ran 4-6 days per week.

I became interested in weight training and did an online search for personal trainers. Gina’s website was the top Google hit, so I gave her a call. Personal training has been tremendously beneficial to me, largely because my trainers have taught me some of the theory behind the exercises, their combinations, the cycling through routines, and how all of that is related to and affected by eating and other aspects of lifestyle. So rather than breeding dependence, my trainers have spent the time and effort to teach me what I need to know to make smart and effective choices on my own. I didn’t expect to need help with the cardio, since I had experience with that, but I learned some interesting changes to make to my cardio workouts to make them more effective.

When I started personal training, my goals were to lose some of the weight I had gained recently and to develop more muscle tone/mass. From experiencing how good it feels physically and psychologically to be in better shape, I now have the additional goal of just being in the best shape I can be for its own sake…to have a body that's just humming with good health! 

My program right now consists of four days of cardio and four days of weight training per week. It delivers results without requiring an unrealistic time commitment. Amy and I have a great rapport; she's fun to talk to, is always patient in answering my questions, has a sense of humor about the pitfalls involved in making significant lifestyle changes, and understands that developing discipline takes time and is easier for some than for others. So she's firm about what needs to be done without being judgmental when one falters in doing it.

I have also really benefited from the nutrition advice from Amy in person and from Gina via internet coaching. The main advice I and have implemented is the importance of eating more protein and of eating smaller quantities more frequently throughout the day. Given that my food preferences are not naturally higher-protein, this has been a challenge, but the trainers have come up with creative ways for me to find sources of protein that work for me. Not only have those changes accelerated my fat loss and muscle gain, but eating this way makes me feel better physically: I have more energy, my energy level remains stable throughout the day, and I now have improved and consistent mental clarity. Eating large meals infrequently like I used to do made me sleepy and fuzzy-headed a lot of the time and caused my energy levels fluctuate too much. All this health and fitness business doesn’t come naturally to me. I go through periods of adhering to the advice well, and other periods where I’m less good, although I'm never terrible (for example, eating complete junk and not exercising at all). Usually when I let things slip, it's because I get overwhelmed with work (I’m a graduate student) and don't make the time to exercise or prepare the right foods. In spite of the occasional struggle, I have lost more than 15 lbs, gained muscle mass and definition, lost inches, am in better cardiovascular shape (the weight training has helped my running), feel younger and more energetic from the physical changes to my body, and feel more in control of my health with the knowledge I’ve gained about exercise and eating healthier.”

Jeanine sent us a postcard while she was away on vacation. It read as follows: “You are indelibly linked to 'weights', 'fitness', and 'nutrition' in my mind, and since these are so central in my life, that means I think about you a lot! And I am perennially grateful that I came across your website and am able to benefit from your expertise and experience. Working with Amy has been great (she's incredibly knowledgeable and supportive), and my body and fitness level continue to change for the better. I have been able to keep my motivation up and feel better and better physically all the time. So thank you for that priceless gift!" 

Way to make a trainer’s day, Jeanine!

Jeanine’s words of wisdom for someone who is thinking about using a trainer:

“For someone interested in achieving better health and feeling better physically and psychologically, there's no better investment than hiring a personal trainer. Not only will you see your body transform, you'll learn the information and acquire the tools to take control of your health even if/when you stop using your trainer regularly. Think of it as an education: what you learn, you carry with you even after you ‘graduate.’”

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