Boxford MA in home personal trainer

"Eliminating travel time makes it much easier to fit exercise in among family and work obligations!"

If you're looking for a Boxford MA in home personal trainer, look no further! Home Bodies has been serving clients in Boxford MA since 2004.

boxford ma in home personal trainer

Christine Rivers of Boxford MA works as senior consultant for Hay Group, a global management consultant firm. Christine and her husband Rick Rivers have two sons, Scott, 18, and Jonathan, 14.

I started working with Christine early May of 2004. She had worked with a trainer before primarily to help alleviate her neck pain, and kept with it so she could continue to experience the health benefits and body toning. Christine decided to try Home Bodies because she liked the idea of being able to train in her home gym and eliminate travel time for her workouts. She likes how interesting and varied her workouts with Gina have been, and also the fact that her workouts are shorter but intense at the same time.

I admire Christine’s discipline, both during workouts with me and for following through with exercising on her own. She’s also worked hard to match Gina’s challenge to raise her weights on the resistance training. Her results speak for themselves - even though she was already pretty fit, she has seen a gain in lean body mass and a drop in bodyfat in her first four weeks.

Update on Christine - it's now 2020 and Christine has continued to thrive with her home workout plan! Wow - we have been together for so long! Over the years, we have had to change the focus of the plan depending on what was going on, but through it all she has remained super consistent with her efforts! Even when the pandemic hit, Christine's focus never wavered.

We were able to transition to video sessions over Zoom so that her progress continued without interruption. Christine is truly a great example of someone who has made fitness a lifestyle, and the results speak for themselves. While she watches others around her struggle with their health and fitness, she is always on top of her game. Gina really is her "secret weapon."

I look forward to helping Christine moving forward in whichever direction life takes her!

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